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  1. Timkinut

    Should Game 4 Be On Ios

    They could sell Pit People, let's say, for $15 on iOS without any problem (Transistor is sold that way). If the game is good, then it would be purchased a lot.
  2. Timkinut

    Find People To Play Ccr With!

    Tim Imkin. Don't have a mic because my kinect died.
  3. Timkinut

    You're banned!

    Banned for whining about uncreative bans.
  4. Timkinut

    Should Game 4 Be On Ios

    That's a stereotype. iOS has a lot of deep games, such as Heroes III, FTL, GTA etc. Game 4 will fit the big screen of iPad perefectly. Those touchscreens are made for turn-based strategy games.
  5. Timkinut

    You're banned!

    Banned for not banning anyone.
  6. Timkinut

    Mine is better!

    Bumping is a crime. BTW, Mine is "bluer"!
  7. Timkinut

    Do You Consider Gaming A Sport?

    Nuh, I don't thik that gaming is a kinda sport. It's just playing, y'know. 'But you can compete to find out who plays bettah! It IS a sport', you might say. But, well, you can compete with your friends to know who reads faster or, maybe, who cooks spaghetti quicker. But that doesn't make those activities sports. And, yeah, I get really annoyed when somebody tries to talk to me about 'hurr durr Dota 2 International' or 'waka waka CS GO world cup' because of that.
  8. Timkinut

    Developing For Xbox One

    Game 4 definitely won't come out in 2-4 more years, so...
  9. Timkinut

    Users Vs Mods 2.0

  10. Timkinut

    Pickles Draws Things

    Hey pickles. I wonder if you could draw me a picture like this one. It is needed for some Behemoth fans community. I'll tell more details about it if you're actually interested in doing this
  11. Timkinut

    Less Users On The Forums?

    Yeah, the forums are half-dead at the moment. But activity will raise up as there'll be more news about Game 4. When Game 4 actually releases, this community will experience an activity boom for, maybe, one or two years. After that, only 10-12 active users will stay, just like now. That's how it works. I don't log in here often mainly because of the low activity. That's kind of ironic.
  12. Timkinut

    Pickles Draws Things

    Oh, thanks a lot!
  13. Timkinut

    Pickles Draws Things

    Could you please give me a link to your Tumblr posts with those awesome fullsized beauties? Because I couldn't find them myself
  14. Timkinut

    What State Do You Live In?

    Russia, Tyumenskaya Oblast'. I could say it's pretty similar to the meaning of states, except the laws are the same all around Russian oblast's.
  15. Timkinut

    New Gameplay Teaser

    What is said between 0:23 and 0:25? I just can't get it.