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  1. Hey I would still like to know if if anyone wants to still do insane. I'm doing red knight - level 89 Gamertag- ASAP Temper.
  2. I haven't played bbt in forever nor have I been on the forums. I just wanted to know if that **** head was true.
  3. Mine is the 12th, which I share with my Grandad. And last week I knew 2 guys whose birthday was on the 2nd. Coincidence? Yes. Anyways, Happy Birthday to both ThatPikminGuy & Mr. Hatty! Mine is on the 2nd. Happy birthday !
  4. This game was fun playing through.
  5. Hey I can help. Gt- ASAP Temper.
  6. If you still need help, I have everything, at least I thinks so. Gt- ASAP Temper
  7. Dmvr

    You're banned!

    Banned for questioning
  8. Sweet! Will all the star heads on 360 be the same on steam?
  9. Good luck. That's a very hard list to complete.