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  1. One Thief please GT: Newjinnn Timezone: EST Can trde anytime anyday but sundays
  2. UPDATE: Willing to trade 1500 gems for Boom! Thanks!
  3. Im looking for the Boom head, Im willing to trade 1000 gems for it. GT = Newjinnn Thanks for looking!
  4. A melee weapon that could knock people back would be nice
  5. Adorable hat, the merch they have is amazing.
  6. sorry, have every head. Ah, its fine. Thanks anyways.
  7. I am willing to trade Blockateer for 900 gems or if you have the Boom head, I'll take that.
  8. I want Boom. It's the only head I need, if you have another are you willing to trade? I'll offer 280 gems and some other heads for it. I have Blockateer, Siren, 25% Off, Duck Shark, steamroll victim 1.