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  1. Newjinnn

    The Collectors' Corner [Stocking]

    One Thief please GT: Newjinnn Timezone: EST Can trde anytime anyday but sundays
  2. Newjinnn

    Looking For Boom! Offering 1000 Gems!

    UPDATE: Willing to trade 1500 gems for Boom! Thanks!
  3. Im looking for the Boom head, Im willing to trade 1000 gems for it. GT = Newjinnn Thanks for looking!
  4. Newjinnn

    New Weapons Idea?

    A melee weapon that could knock people back would be nice
  5. Newjinnn

    Pax East 2014 - Merch Reveals

    Adorable hat, the merch they have is amazing.
  6. Newjinnn

    Star Head Giveaway!

    sorry, have every head. Ah, its fine. Thanks anyways.
  7. Newjinnn

    Buying Blockateer For 900 Gems

    I am willing to trade Blockateer for 900 gems or if you have the Boom head, I'll take that.
  8. Newjinnn

    Star Head Giveaway!

    I want Boom. It's the only head I need, if you have another are you willing to trade? I'll offer 280 gems and some other heads for it. I have Blockateer, Siren, 25% Off, Duck Shark, steamroll victim 1.