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  1. Guys, Thanks for all the replies once again. What about Saracen and Bear? Do their Tornados chain hit? Even when taking half the damage?
  2. @Marbo I tried the catfish insane with a few multi hit characters like Fire Demon and Necromancer and I found it faster than thieves forest in my honest opinion. Maybe it's just me because I'm not good at juggling So you are saying that rain of arrows can multi-hit bosses like Barbarian's RTY/R2triangle if I understood that correctly?
  3. I plan to use chain-hit to level my characters from level 13(full magic) to 78+ in the catfish(Insane) stage to collect skulls. And Also, do all magic will chain-hit against Beefy/Large Bosses except for Alien Fire and King healing magic is it? Sorry for asking this, but I don't have time to test this out at home. Thanks in advance!
  4. I think some1 messed up the magic page and a few other character pages -> > >
  5. Yeah I know LOL it's just that I have limited play time each day so I wanna ask finish my questions, get the answers and play so I can minimize wasted time. I don't want to spend my time playing the game wrongly or playing weak characters even if there's reset character data.
  6. Sorry for the late reply! 2)If let say I attack a monster poisoned by my green knight team-mate, do I deal 3x more damage like him? 3)I saw this line from the blue knight castlepedia page. ... lue_Knight -> With a high enough Strength, the Blue Knight can keep enemies frozen indefinitely by continually performing his xxxy/square square square triangle combo. So I was wondering if anyone knows the Iceskimo version also holds the same properties? Thanks once again!
  7. Ok I'll do this one. 1.) Well first off, Hawkster doesn't affect food drop rate. Zebra affects food found in grass and Monkeyface increases items after an enemy is killed, but hawkster simply takes food from a dead body. Secondly, no only the person with the orb gets the bonus. 2.)If you're asking if an enemy can be hit but multiple magics and have all the dot stack up, then no. If you hit someone with Green Knight's poison magic and then Orange Knight's fire magic, the fire magic dot will be the one hurting the enemy and vice versa. 3.) I'm not quite sure what you're asking for this one. So i'll just answer two interpretations I had. Yes, Icekimo gets the freeze on the Y/Triangle. Yes, putting more strength points on your character will increase the X/Square damage, and more magic points on your character will increase the damage of the first Y/triangle. Do keep in mind that I'm on Xbox. 1) So you are saying monkeyface only benefits the person with the orb? 2) Does green knight's RTY/magic dot help out the other team-mates on multiplayer castle crasher? 3) So does having more points in strength for Iceskimo affect the length of the freeze like blue knight's xxxy/square square square triangle? Thank you once again!
  8. Guys thanks for all the replies! 3 more questions -> 1) Does animal orbs that affect drop rates for food and gold like monkeyface and hawkster help your team-mates when they get the killing blow for or only the 2) Does Green Knight triple damage magic dot affect his team-mates if they are attacking mobs that have the magic dot active too? 3) Does Icekimo's square square square triangle or xxxy have the same properties like the blue knight? Like pumping more strength to lengthen the duration. Thank you all once again!
  9. 3 more questions from me : 1)Any special tips for fighting the troll mother on Insane mode? 2)When you reset character data, do you reset all the unlocked stages? 3)If I play insane mode with 4 player characters, How will the difficulty be affected? (I.E. More mob spawns, more hp, more damage etc etc) Thank you all once again!
  10. Hey guys, I got a quick question to ask so help me out if you can About this thread -> viewtopic.php?f=7&t=3853 Regarding the tier list, I see that necromancer, cult minion and blacksmith is not in. I would like to ask the veterans here which tier would you place these 3 characters? Thank you all once again!
  11. It was accidently released, I believe after that whole PSN hacking thing. I also believe that it was taken down after a week. Blacksmith DLC was also prematurely released on Xbox Live. So the release date of the Purple Knight is all over the place. Wow, serious? I thought I was able to access because my account region setting is PSN Asia. Thanks for the info.
  12. Question to the people-in-charge here, I saw that the legend of the blacksmith DLC is available on the asia psn website however I don't see it in the PSN store on my PS3. Is it already released? Or you guys have changed it to another date? Thanks.
  13. or at least clear most of insane mode? New guy here. Hello all! Thanks in advance!