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  1. I turn into a snoopy and own you now I'm king.
  2. Thanks I put it in the wrong place.
  3. No I don't I just have common sense.
  4. People say ur a witch and they burn u alive. This happened in history.
  5. Who has a pear as an avatar really. I'm just bored and post stuff. Well your avatar is .........… edible? That's the best I got.
  6. Because attending PAX and organizing a worldwide tournament is no big deal and not at all difficult… I was referring to miss reading the leaderboards and making a promise to send the confirmation emails but never did. I know there busy with pax but if they were on top of things the tourny would have finished already and they would not have to worry about it anymore.
  7. I dislike scars avatar but I love urs whale. I know I have no avatar so I'm not one to talk.
  8. It's a guy and if its not a guy then i will not not keep my Xbox if I win tourny.
  9. Yea behemoth is slacking lately. Don't worry the officials will explain everything as the tourny begin.
  10. Banned for losing to me in castle crashers arena.