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  1. Happy Birthday, Castle Crashers! I love you, even with your finger crackingly painful quaffing. My favorite boss would happen to be that one boss where you had to try to hit him without getting hit so much that you died. It was really hard but I managed to hit him enough times that he died before me. I also like the troll boss because it shows me just how powerful the knights become on their journey. At first, they have to flee from it via defecating deer. Later, they kill it while on a friggin' wedding wagon. It's absolutely wonderful knowing grinding can make men into gods.
  2. MrBalderus

    Cats Or Cat Guards?

    Cat guards are the cutest buttmongers ever.
  3. MrBalderus

    What game are you playing ATM?

    Having just completed all achievements for Abyss Odyssey, I've been playing Borderlands lately. I realized that the Hunter is the only class to use if you plan on dueling anyone online.
  4. MrBalderus

    What We Want In Pit People

    I say that poop is always clever. I wish to be able to play as a bear, constantly spewing poop from my faceholes. That would make this a dashing game.
  5. MrBalderus

    Stop Adding Me As A Friend

    I never even knew that V existed and I'm already friends with him in every alternate dimension ever! Even that dimension where people yodel when they're angry.
  6. MrBalderus

    Playing Co-Op Campaign On Insane

    Thank you so much or your friendshippingly helpful tips. I just finished insane solo and the thought of doing that with a stranger from the internets or with a second controller seems very daunting to me; but alas, I am far too addicted to simply not try to get every single achievement. Wish me luck! I'm going to cheat as much as possible.
  7. MrBalderus

    What Are Your Goals In Bbt?

    I just want to complete all the achievements, that'll cover the hardcore modes and more.
  8. MrBalderus

    How Many Times Have You Been Scammed In The Gift Shop?

    Pretty much everyone I've tried to trade with has tried scamming me. I've not even managed 10 successful trades since I started playing.
  9. Nice job on creating this. You will never know just how much I wished you a painful, agonizing, demise while I was trying to get through this feature. If the souls of the darned start wailing at you when you're trying to sleep, that's because I may have successfully cursed you. Oh, how I hate grenades.
  10. MrBalderus

    What Was Your First Star Head?

    Steam roll victim #2, then Triceratops.
  11. It was challenging but fun as dinosaur bladders.