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  1. kal

    New Weapon Found - Bloodstained Sword

    I realy need that plz gamer tag Kaltoria also i have the ray gun
  2. kal

    Favourite Animal Orb?

    Hawkster he's just pimp
  3. kal

    Alien Ray Guy

    i think they origanlly had so he could swich wepons but they changed there minds or somthing and they forgot to take the code out of the game for it to go in the wepons frog
  4. kal

    New Animal Orb (fanmade)

    my avatar is a dlc that is being put in latter i didn't make it
  5. kal

    Post your current Level

    99 ninja, 53 blue knight, 37 red knight 37 orange knight, 23 homined, 15 peasent,
  6. kal

    Worst Character/Animal Orb

    worst char: roal guard hes just stupid Worst orb: the beholder not because of its ability , but... come on u wouldn't want to wake up in the middle of the night to see it staring at you
  7. kal

    Castle crashers for wiiware?

    of course it can Wii can handle brawl and it has better graphics and is bigger... And it can handle real big and nice looking 3d games like metroid prime 3 thats because most of the memory is in the disk dumbass cc is souly in the system memory
  8. kal

    Where do I find these two swords?

    u can find the sword buy diging it up in a flower lvl i think i dont real rember
  9. kal

    Alien Ray Guy

    it worked for me thx but its kinnda stupid since it does not change any stats
  10. kal

    Online/matchmaking issues

    I've never even played online once the second the game starts i get kick off, that is if i can even find a game after 10 minutes of waiting
  11. kal

    Possible DLC? Check out this pic.

    GOD i just beat it with them Grey kinght=kinght from full moon lvl orange kinght=red demon(im guessing is stove face) Fun Fact Red demon=Ninja ya
  12. kal

    The Mighty Industrial Knight

    The ninja is just as good if not better
  13. kal


    i dont think there will be an other way because that would be a rip to people who bought the game just for the character ...(like me) Also dont say "But, its a good game, its worth it blah blah blah. its a good game not worth 15 dollars in my opion
  14. kal


    i want to be the necromancer