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  1. No I mean the behemoth should make coupons to give duh. Not random people. Oh jeez oh darn I'm sorry being being so goddamn stupid someone should just put me out of my misery OHH CRUEL WORLD WHY DO YOU TORMENT ME SO AHHHH BOOM R.I.P. Turkey sometime-2013 He want to dumb for life. me-"OH GOD WHYYYYY! WHY DID I ASK! AND WHY DO I HAVE A JELLY DOUGHNUT AND WHAT DOES PRISON FOOD TASTE LIKE?"
  2. No I mean the behemoth should make coupons to give duh. Not random people.
  3. I wants coupons. You should send a 5$-1$ coupon with every purchase Ex: buy 20$ figure get 1$ coupon. Just an idea. 4 figure set of knights 5$ Because I have 10$ and I want a figurine badly. Plus I noticed a coupon thingy when I went to checkout to look at stuff. Sorry if this sounds off topic from CC but its mainly about the figures soooo yeah,
  4. Banned for being too awesome and not giving me all your gems!
  5. Also you guys could just take any extras and put them in the store for limited time. (Make sure you will have about 1,000 extra please?
  6. I live in a place where going to gaming events like PAX is not possible. Do you plan to sell them in the Behemoth Store? I don't even know if we'll actually follow through on the previously mentioned plans, but they are there. We usually offer the figures at the shows and then put them on the online store afterwards if they are going to be reprinted. I thought this was what would happen. Would the same PLEASE go to the cat guard bank and toy? I am 11 and my family is always busy so I never have the chance to go to pax. Only if it was sayyyy in Pennsylvania? *wink wink*
  7. I think they would.Maybe first at pax then the store or the store first then at pax, or perhaps it for some reason wont happen. Either way soon I shall waste all my cash on CC figures since I am saving up
  8. Waiting for someone on youtube to posts some BBT awesomeness from PAX 2013.

  9. Oh my god. First its super fans then fans, then humans, then.... some aliens. Oh yeah and the world.
  10. So Dan if you see this I know that was the real you in my dream. So I would really appreciate a free xbox about now.
  11. I woke up at my alarm at 6:00 in the morning to notice the dream was not real. So in my dream Dan suddenly appeared in my room wearing the new PAX shirt and he said "Hi" he tried to go outside my bedroom and I said "No my mom would not be happy with you being here at 6:00 in the morning and being a stranger walking around our house..." (I somehow knew it was 6 in the morn) So he said okay and randomly took my computer and opened up Skype and all the behemoth crew was on there. I was really excited and said "hi! " but then for some reason the computer crashed. 5 seconds later I teleported to a room with Dan that I NEVER saw before and some random model was in the room with Pepsi and I thought it was a commercial then I talked with Dan in my dream how much I loved BBT before my stupid alarm woke me up. Behemoth. I feel this is A SIGN. thanks for reading and have fun when BBT comes out P.S. I forgot to mention I told him my brother xbox was at college and he was about to give me a free xbox so I hate life kinda right now.
  12. I am waiting for april 3rd. So I may torture.... I mean PLAY with you all.

  13. I still am craving for gems. But I feel the need for some strawberries now. Hmmm.

  14. So we all are wondering the release date not asking for that I know its hard. I have more questions not relating to the date as much. If you can please answer if you are allowed to. #1. If a level gets to the popular gem state (The kind users make) will it still have gems when its unpopular or turn to strawberries again? #2. In Castle Crashers we had lots of weapons to use. I would think the weapon choice will be a lot smaller due to more character customization. Would this be kind of true? #3. After this will you guys continue to start yet another game or take a small break to just celebrate and relax? #4. Does Co-Op get a different ending scene if there is one? Or will it stay the same? Thank you if you answer this I am 11 so sorry if something is misspelled or sounds incorrect.
  15. I bet most of us have been wondering. When will Battle Block Theater be on Xbox so I can push my friends into spikes and lasers and build wacky stuff with the blocks? Well I sure don't know but I do want to know. When will The Behemoth continue posting the new characters coming to the game on the blog? Is it close to (maybe) getting done? Are you to busy? Or do you all want us to figure out the others in game? I love your games behemoth and we are not trying to rush you on games. We are just eager to play a new game and want to know what your doing. From a cool person- Mr.Hatty Hattington Peace.