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  1. We have so many user created maps.... So... nah. :_
  2. When I play Ball Game... I Think Slam Jam.
  3. Just one more week....

  4. Don't worry. When the game came out on PC. This community will be busting
  5. We have a similarity then, I don't like it either. Me either.
  6. Yes, because I don't own a Xbox, and I really want this game. Castle Crashers was awesome on PC.So why not BBT
  7. So you like, unique, creative game and not rehash, generic games.... GOD BLESS GIRL GAMERS!
  8. Best MSPaint Drawing Ever
  9. The hype sure is killing you isn't it~ Yesss
  10. 10/10 I died because it was too cute
  11. So it's Call of Duty... IN THE FUTURE!!! 10/10 It's Okay! Yeah... this looks like a copy and paste Ghost (but in the future) and Halo 4 and the story looks like something from Halo but been crapped by BO1/2 This look bad, sadly....