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  1. Little correction on my GT: XBOX Dawid2001
  2. Shoot, forgot. I have got 4 gold skulls, trying to get one as green knight, so sorry for double posting.
  3. I can help, just got gold for month, GT: XBOXDawid2001
  4. Use XXYY for lighweight enemies and XYY for mediumweight.
  5. epic idea yea it sounds great Yeah lets make Civilian with buzzaws, bombs n' fire jump :3
  6. I've got Castle crashers, that's my only loot
  7. (Bump somehow) Yeah, I play this game, today beaten 39 waves in endless survival. Frikin' zombonis :L
  8. Yeah allusions are good!I also want game 4 on xbox360.
  9. 4th skull with alien, thanks otto! (Btw otto got his final gold skull, gz)