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  1. Granted, but all of the power goes to your head and you ban the whole world, including yourself. I wish I could be Wade Fulp for a minute.
  2. Its now added, take it. Hope you enjoy it. Haha! That's amazi-Oh, right... YOU COME BACK, BRING FWIENDZ NEXT TIME.
  3. ... rrrrrr.png If anyone wants this sig I like to call "BRRRRRRR!" then just put it in your sig.
  4. Granted, but that wish was already granted, so the moment the wish is granted you lose your ability and plummet to your death. I wish I my little pony was alive!
  5. I have a blank board. Go nuts!
  6. It got bumped off of the page from so many cup and hate threads.
  7. LOCUST RULZ! OLOLOLOL. Now that you say that, I should make a blue one.
  8. Cool, I don't really draw because I suck, but I usually just make sigs from brushes in photoshop.
  9. Nice sigs, man! Keep it up. What do you use, photoshop?
  10. I actually was trying to make a curly sword but I made what seemed to be those fancy cigarettes and knowing me, I put the only way to make it funny. Hooray for dumbassery!
  11. Granted, although that wish didn't make any sense, it isn't granted! I wish I could play the fiddle madly.
  12. Granted, but you lose hope because the Empire strikes back. I wish that I could be a giant.
  13. Granted, but everyone without education is an idiot. I wish asjfakjsfjashfa