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  1. I couldn't take SEGA seriously after I saw the designs, I was thinking that it was a prank all the time... Well nope. Here we go again. Another company that makes games destroys itself for a year again.
  2. Uhh... So do you guys have to download the picture or you can see it when I post? I was playing with my friend on Insane mode and this happened... The cat is in the water but the game thinks he is still on land. Pretty freaking funny. LMAO.
  3. I have Xbox 360, But currently don't have internet on it. Sorry.
  4. Hello, I have only 2 friends on Steam that plays BBT with me. And I feel lonely sometimes cause of that. So I was wondering if I could get a new friend that could play some BBT with me. I'm a shy guy so my Voice Chat is always turned off. I also think there are some people that play other games, Such as Minecraft, etc. If you could, Maybe play with me a little sometimes? Steam name: DeanTheHedgehog (I have more Steam Profiles, I just wanted to start a new one not long ago.) Feel free to ask wich games more I play. kbye.
  5. Just a normal day, Hanging around with friends climbing on super tall trees all the time and running around the houses.
  6. Stop taking me seriously, Seriously.

  7. I just...Anyways if you are saying about some physics breaking gem farming... Here it is.
  8. There was a few friends spamming the hell out of my phone, skype and steam and they all said that I should go see on the leaderboards on BattleBlock Theater. I mostly don't care who the best is and who the worst is, so I never looked at it anyways. When I opened it, I was like ''What the fart?!''. Because when I saw the leaderboards, it showed that I was on almost on the top. (I was 11st in Global Ranking.) Couldn't upload the picture because of the stupid 500K limit, but it's still true. Guess this happiness will last for just an hour or so. Back to the homework, kbye.
  9. Okay, I only have 1 friend i know irl that plays BBT, So I play with him sometimes. I will try to do some arena at the moment to get some more gems. We'll see how it goes, maybe i'll go with insane later.
  10. Finished the story on Normal mode. Will never complete insane mode, how do i get gems now? What is the fastest way of all?
  11. I can finally play BBT with my friends that do not have an Xbox 360. :D

  12. Still wondering if you use your keyboard to play in BattleBlock Theater Steam version.

  13. What could be better than playing some IPad games while eating some ice cream? :3