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  1. The working title was Ye Olde Side-Scroller
  2. Dad N Me The Fat Kid Synj Pink Knight Tom Fulp Dan Paladin John Baez Emil Ayoubkhan The French Guy
  3. Same, but I payed about $125 because of shipping and such.
  4. This game is rated T for Teen
  5. Check your Inbox for an Icelandic explanation
  6. Because there's a good amount of swearing and such in this video
  7. Please be aware that the audio is for Mature audiences only and is probably not safe for work The guys over at Destructoid.com got to record themselves playing The First 15 Minutes of Castle Crashers exclusively. It's split up to 2 videos and the latter ends after the Barbarian Boss is beaten so no major spoilers here. What's interesting is that the latter video gives us a good look at the stat distribution and how unlocking characters is displayed. Please enjoy.
  8. I think that "Castle Crashers Menu Loop" by cornandbeans would really fit as a credit list song
  9. Here's the video, Owlet is seen at 9:45
  10. It's made by David Orr on Newgrounds.com and you can listen to it and download it here