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  1. I hope it's not to late! But here's my 2nd entry. Which is really just a video of me drawing my first entry... But it still took time to make, edit, and put in the music. (That counts for something right???) Sidenote: HOLY COW SOME OF YOU PEOPLE ARE AWESOME ARTISTS! ... Okay i'm done. Best of luck!
  2. This pic is my entry. Here's the link to my art blog where I posted this drawing. Hope you guys like it!!!!
  3. Here's my entry. Sorry it's my first flash upload to the internet and the fps slowed down... Also to the administrator Megen. For the people that get the cat T-shirts, will they be signed by staff of The Behemoth? - PROJRF
  4. I guess I agree... Mini Games are cool. But PDA games is fun and all but it would be cool to have one of his little games in color not just black and white stickfigures. (No offense to PDA games )
  5. That's correct but THEY MAKE GAMES! I'm not saying that they can't finish Battleblock Theatre first (Because i'm sure it will be awesome) Only that the iphone (or ipad) could easily handle it just look at Infinity Blade! But you're right it would be hard to change everything for IOS.... Maybe just a fun mini game for now. And by "cough cough" did you mean Battleblock Theatre?
  6. Who thinks Behemoth should bring their full games to IOS?