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  1. Knock

    It's My 6 Year Anniversary Here

    I <3 u because ur name sounds like laundry detergent and laundry detergent smells very nice
  2. Knock

    I Reviewed Battleblock Theater :o

    Wow, thank you! And thank you for that constructive criticism as well. Seeing someone else's perspective about it really helps put things in... well... perspective. The feedback is very much appreciated
  3. Hi guys! I recently started doing weekly uploads for my channel, and a thing I'm starting to do is review some games! Last week, I reviewed BattleBlock Theater. It was my first ever review, so I'm going to improve even past this point, I know it. Anyways, here it is! Next review is gonna be Spelunky HD. I hope you enjoy it! (Also, I know you guys probably don't need a review by now, but it would be cool if you checked it out if you want.)
  4. Knock

    Garry's Mod Trolling

    Hey all! I made a new video of me and a friend messing with some people in Garry's Mod. I purposely edited it so the video quality is kinda bad I have some other videos coming up as well. I don't really do Let's Plays or anything, I just like doing the occasional quality video at my own pace. WARNING: This video has some vulgar language in it. It's not that much until you get to the end of the video. I hope you get a laugh out of this, I actually was cracking up while editing this
  5. Knock

    Behemoth Rpg

    (Is this done?... or are we waiting for some people to get back?)
  6. Knock

    Behemoth Rpg

    (Maybe I should've asked this earlier, but can we do in-character dialogue when responding to your choices? Or have a conversation with someone else in-character? I'm just wondering, because it'd be kinda cool to get attached to another character or something. Might be far-fetched, but I figured why not ask by now.)
  7. Knock

    Behemoth Rpg

    The tiny bit of back story I provided will just help me get into my character when role-playing. What the senator says could kinda go with your option 1. You could combine them I am in character.But thanks for thinking of me. I said absolutely nothing about whether you were in character or not. I wasn't thinking about you either, I just explained why I posted more detail about my character.Edit: not responding to you beyond that so the game isn't ruined.
  8. Knock

    Behemoth Rpg

    The tiny bit of back story I provided will just help me get into my character when role-playing. What the senator says could kinda go with your option 1. You could combine them
  9. Knock

    Behemoth Rpg

    Class: "Swashbuckler" - A sword wielding ruffian or bully. (This is my class, but it's not my complete personality) Weapon: "Cutlass" - Brandon (character name) is extremely skilled with a cutlass. Since he grew up in very poor conditions and was often beaten up as a kid, he's had to keep his sword and his wits sharp. Special Ability: "Silver-tongue" - Brandon has a very enriched lexicon that came from reading a lot of books. He is able to use his wide vocabulary to a great advantage in any verbal encounter, like courtship or an argument. Dream: "Get me out of here!" Born into a port city with a terrible background, Brandon has had to use his wits to survive many dangers that come with living in the vile village. Tired of his surroundings, he became a stowaway on a ship for a period of time, in hopes of seeing more of what this world has to offer, and maybe making a positive difference in someone's life.
  10. Knock

    Alien Hominid Hd 50% Off With Gold

    Oh my god, I love this. A cute little alien going bat-poop crazy and killing everything xD Wish I could buy this, but at least I can get Castle Crashers soon.
  11. Knock

    Dis Is Weird.

  12. I wish I could, but I can't buy castle crashers until I put some money in the bank.
  13. Knock

    Battleblock Video

    Dunkin on these other prisoners like:
  14. Knock

    Assasin Knight Cc Fan Art

    Agh, if only I could lord palpatine voice: "view it"
  15. Knock

    When I'm The Regginator

    A version of this could be made for Hatty.