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  1. yeah no ps4 means no game at all for me, i have a laptop, but its built for study, not gaming so thats no go there as well. Behemoth, feel free to drop into this thread and say "good things come to those who wait..." inadvertantly revealing its only a timed exclusive...
  2. they took aaaaaaaaaaaaages to make it onto the ps3, i was not happy. lol.
  3. Errrm pretty sure i have the Blacksmith on my ps3 version of CC, and possibly the pink knight and hatty also, cant remember but know for sure i have blacksmith
  4. yeah wish they would confirm release outside of japan, DD was one of the best games from the last generation.
  5. Vs. the biggest smallest passive aggressive word ever, lol.
  6. Ninja All Stars is into its final day, a lot more freebies in the base package now, get in while you can!
  7. i was the same but afer receiving my Forgotten King, they are simply amazing, i used to be a warhammer guy, since getting FK, am now only keeping warhammer models that are display peices, and selling everything else to get more Soda Pop Miniatures figs. in reality, the pictures don't do the models and sculpts justice, when u get them in your hands u realize how damn detailed they are
  8. its a boat load of fun, and no friends needed! lol im 34, have been playing board games since i was like 5, and this is hands down the best and most fun board game i have ever played
  9. SDE: Forgotten King can be played solo/co-op as well as heroes vs the consul, was its main selling point for me
  10. Was wondering if any folks here would be interested in this board game made by Soda Pop Miniatures, it has a "chibi" kind of art style and some amazing minis. Awesomely fun game to play, and they also have a current kickstarter project going called Ninja All Stars with the same art style. I thought i would put it up here as i find the art style of Dan Paladin and these similar, i know SPM stuff is more Japanese/anime style than Dans, but still with that cool cuteness. Anyways, with the kickstarter u got a boat load more goodies than just retail contents, but they don't do KS exclusives so even if u miss out u can still purchase it at a later date. and here is the link to the Ninja All Stars one they have recently launched, some sweet looking ninja chibi figs
  11. after playing for sooooo long.... the princess ready to be fought for... and all 3 knights just stand there, pooped.
  12. Yeah the "cant stop crying" pack is the hatty dlc for the ps3 (from memory, been a stressful week) i didnt know it was released and saw a dude as hatty and was pointing yelling at the screen HACKER! HACKER! (no mic, just to the tele, lol) even made my gf make sure she saw it to prove it.......... checks psn store after quitting game...... ahhhh.
  13. of all the joy behemoth games bring, how can there possibly be hatred here on these forums? Don't make me start the speel of "Back in my day when there was no internet......" lol. But it's amazing to see the ability to converse with like minded people all over the world on a forum dedicated to what you love, without having to leave your home. Back in my day... (sorry just had to, lol) a forum was a gathering of people to sit down and discuss a subject, would some people be as rude to someone to their face as they would on a faceless internet forum, I highly doubt it. At the end of the day it all comes down to just one simple word. Respect. /endrant