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  1. With how the tweet emphasises joy cons. I noticed right away a bit problem with that. You need 4/3 shoulder buttons to play. So the solution I thought of is. If you hold the item button (yes aware you need to hold boomerang to throw it-sucks but might have to remove the charge throw on joy con play). Your shoulder buttons become able to scroll through items, replacing the block and magic button. unrelated note Please tell me all the weapons are available. Having that empty slot because of the rubber handled sword is gonna feel crappy.
  2. PSN: Cuperos Just message me and we'll arrange a quick trade. 1. I navigate on the world map. 2. We go to frog first to get the weapon. 3. We go to the factory to trade the weapon.
  3. So the biggest issue for ports is the work put in to do so. Distribution is only an issue of signing a contract or receiving a licence. What happens if some freelancers created the prototype port and sent Behemoth or whatever company the build. Would official ports become more common? I mean it would be a simple case of buying the rights to have a market space in the eshop of whatever platform. Whether its steam or psn or nintendo eshop or xbox live. I'm just thinking... if fan ports became a thing. 1. you'd have a means as a programmer to show off your skills and add something to your resume. 2. the owner of the game would have a build they can use to port games into other platforms. I'm just thinking how fan translators sometimes get jobs or have their work become the official translations. I'm wondering if porting can be like this too. As for case of money, I'm sure those translators got paid for their efforts. Since the company is buying THEIR translation work. Could freelance programmers create a port of whatever game they want and just sell it back to the company?
  4. So with the release of remaster, apparently the rubber sword is now available via digging at the digging spot next to the archer when you are about to kiss the orange princess. Has the psn version been updated to have this? Or does it have to be done as before via begging for someone on psn to hand one over?
  5. I have this game on 360 and on steam and I did the long grind to get all the characters and gold skull on the large majority of them (mainly just the knight characters). I even got the rare glitch weapon only receivable via trade on both saves. I think I deserve to not start the whole game again and just jump right back in. Anyone got an EU save?
  6. I'm pretty hyped about the improved match making. the visual crap and minigame who cares... I hope the steam update fixes the issues I've had with multiplayer on cc. It is HORRIBLE to play multiplayer on PC.
  7. well the first issue because I always close tabs when I'm finished with it. Tabs only build up because I can't close any tabs on BBT as such steam saves all those open tabs and just opens a new one when I click on achievements in-game, adding to the pile of already open tabs.
  8. it simply won't respond to the x being clicked. I can freely change tabs by clicking them so its definitely not my mouse or my computer freezing (yet). And its fine on my other games its just bbt. and i think castle crashers is fine. though i havent played it in awhile.
  9. Whenever I look up achieves on battleblock theatre I can't close the browser tabs that appear. All I can do is shift-tab out to get back in the game. But everytime I need to check for anything that uses a steam browser related to the game. The old tabs are still there slowly piling up. I have 25 open tabs now.
  10. kinda sad that haxors these days hold such little class. its clearly some code monkey thats just reading tutorials off the internet. I mean for christ sake learn to spell, learn to troll properly and learn to hack decently and at the very least learn how to photoshop. I mean seriously... that atrocious custom head. Of all the heads, thats all you had. that being said the haxors of the past are now modders or indie devs (but those guys had talent)
  11. does the wiki have easter egg info? After I saw the pooping deer in full moon doing an ET reference, I've been curious.
  12. the wikis really need to be updated with that stuff. its so bare bones and yet people are sharing info here.
  13. Are you bashing The Behemoth for a stupid storyline? I sure hope not. like he said. rorschach. He simply said exactly what he said. you're adding meaning into it that only you interpret.