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  1. I just don't see why incentivizing an early purchase is a bad thing. The heads don't matter at all. It is a way to make the game worth playing in the long run for those who care. That's like being bothered that by buying a Call Of Duty game a month after release, there are a lot of players who are already at the max level. & even that is more significant than some cool heads.
  2. That's why I said "like 66 heads" grrl!! >;P
  3. I'm sure there will be people who don't care enough about all of the heads. There are two heads that aren't available any more, the chicken & Furbottom. If you don't want to miss out on the donut & Winston, get the game. The star heads are an incentive to get the game early & to keep playing the game. Simple as that.
  4. If anything, it is an incentive to get the game earlier. I would not be surprised if they recycle the heads after they've all been given away. There are like 66 special heads. After a year+ they will probably give them away again. Actually, with this week having two, make that a little over half a year.
  5. My only hope is that there are a LOOOT of heads and hats.
  6. I like the green the most. Also, it is fine to spoil the ending guys, if anyone is on here they should know she is tricky-faced.
  7. It's gone! When did this happen? I recently decided I want it, but it is too late.
  8. I only have: Alien in Training, Hungry Yeti, Adult Alien, and WMD. I love the game, but I doubt I'll ever get some of the achievements.
  9. Q27

    Stupid mistakes

    I did that too. How is this even bad? You act like beating the last boss is an amazing feat. The boss is a pretty long fight, so it isn't fun to fight him again. I didn't like fighting him 2 times in a row.
  10. I really wish they added more levels. I feel like the game has barely any replayability. What is the point if you get nothing out of it other than characters? I basically have no reason to play the game anymore.
  11. i don't disagree that it is sweet on a nice tv. i just think it would be nice to have a portable Behemoth game. Good point, But I think they should put it on the PSP rather than DS, if it would be on the ds they would have to "kiddy" it up a little, But I think the psp is a much more mature console. Also If it was on the ds, they would have to add the stylus in it, I think that might ruin it, Just my opinion ...Yeah. DS isn't kiddy, and neither is PSP. Even though this exists. http://www.joystiq.com/2009/02/24/new-h ... lilac-psp/ But they wouldn't have to "kiddy it up". You do realize there are M rated games on DS? It's not like all DS games are rated E. It's not a kids system. There is no such thing.
  12. I think you guys should do a Nintendo DS game or DSiWare game. It should be an entirely new game. Have you thought about making DS games/portable games?
  13. People can't edit pages about them. Dumb rule but eh.