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  1. lormus

    Battleblock Theater Steam Ball Game Tournament

    As Larry_Behemoth said in the voice chat of the audition lobby, the chosen players are going to be sent an email before monday and the criteria of convocation is stricly related not to the score you did in the audition game but to the amount of show and talent you could provide in the game. A more serious problem is related to the fact most players are from europe/outside US: having the lobby made up by an american hoster (Larry, in the case of yesterday) pretty much kills the action for the players (huge lag, can't see the ball in some situations). Devs and tourney organizers should take this very last fact into account and think about a possible solution to minimize lag, so that contendants can both have the same chance to win and still understand what's going on in the game.
  2. Since Behemoth is not going to implement anytime soon the Workshop feature for custom prisoners on Steam, I decided to start my own gallery of creations here, where I will post the promos I want to publish and share with the community. I won't share all of my creations, for the moment (some are still incomplete or early experiments I want to keep for myself), also hoping some Workshop feature will be released in the far future. Let's start off: Promo "Freezer" (Dragon Ball Z Tribute) This is by far the most badass creation I've developed so far; took a second day to polish and do some proper face details. Pick it up bros, and share with your friends. Add me to steam for +rep, have a talk or give/take advices. http://steamcommunity.com/id/lormus More to come in the future. Stay tuned.
  3. lormus

    Custom Heads!

    DBZ Freezer Tribute
  4. Very nice artwork, mate. I'm a pixel artist as well, so I thought we could share some ideas and material, or just get in touch sometimes. Can you add me to steam, please? My ID is "LorMus". Cheers
  5. lormus

    Custom Heads!

    Alien Prisoner tribute.
  6. lormus

    Custom Heads!

    "Johnny Head Long" Custom Head. Made by Me!
  7. lormus

    Custom Heads!

    I made these custom heads for the steam version. http://steamcommunity.com/id/lormus/images/?appid=238460 I hope you guys can upvote my artwork so that it will be published on the steam workshop, if they ever release that feature for custom heads on the battleblock theatre. Cheers!