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  1. I thought they were clear that it's initial release would be Xbox One and Steam at the same time... I assumed that since Microsoft helped launch Behemoth into a household name... That they just had a loyalty to them because they are upstanding guys...If there is a PS4 launch....I would be so ecstatic!
  2. Stamper's narration and story telling set to Dan Paladin's art... I can't get my money to them fast enough imo!
  3. I want an awesome cupcake vinyl figure.... I own the BBT Cat bank, CC Necromancer statue, all four Castle crasher figures and the king figure...I NEED (and when you need something that becomes a responsibility) A cupcake vinyl figure to go along with my Behemoth display in my home. Cupcake riding spider lady...even BETTER! Also make this game PS4 compatible since Xbox One...is inferior and not worthy of the Behemoth quality and epicness.