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  1. I've been playing Psychonauts again as of late, trying to see all of the details I missed. I ended up getting one of the few achievements that I missed the last two playthroughs because I forget how much exploring the game wants you to do in between story progress, where you can miss a lot of character development by doing one or two things in the story back-to-back (which is very easy to accidentally do.) I heard Yooka was pretty meh, polished in some places but god awful in others. I don't know though, I'm not really a big fan of the huge rare collect-a-thon guy so I wouldn't be the one to know if it was good or bad.
  2. I can't play Mother 3


    I think recently the greatest experience I had was 100% completing Rogue Legacy at the end of summer back in 2015, mostly because the EX versions of the bosses were way too tough, it took probably a day's worth of play time just to beat. They tested your dexterity and knowledge of the game very well (unless you knew how to do some glitch or use bugs to your advantage) and if you're bad at games (like I am) you really have to work to accomplish the feat of taking down all of them to get the last achievements.
  3. I was replaying Skyward Sword recently, and I understand why people hate it, but I also think it gets pretty good after the third dungeon. I haven't beaten it yet but I'll probably beat it by next week. Along with that I got Afterbirth+, and tried to get it for James but because Steam and probably Nicalis being dumb, you can only gift Afterbirth+ by gifting the whole bundle, which is like $35. Maybe one day, James. Regardless, I only got to the point where I could unlock the newest area once, but because I had the color hud mod installed, it didn't let me unlock it. I'm bad at isaac so that'll probably never happen again. You should all get it, if you already have rebirth/afterbirth. (because then you only have to pay 9.99 or 6.66 or some relative number.) it's difficult, but it's fun.
  4. Hey so I'm reviving this thread to tell you all that Showdown updated with the gen 7 pokemon! I've played it for a bit in the past few days and the competitive scene is still being shaped, so have fun and experiment in OU while you can still use all of the OP legendaries (mind you there are a few story-spoiler-ish mons available for selection so play at your own risk.) http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/
  5. Beat my game at least day 2 iirc. I haven't played a lot this week, but I currently have like 200 mons in the dex out of the 300 I need to complete the alola dex, thanks to some help from ACCret, who has been helping me with trades and overall we've been helping each other out and doing some good work. My overall opinion on the game is that its probably the best pokemon game yet, having actual personality and depth that I enjoyed thoroughly throughout my run through the game. I chose to run with Salazzle, Golisopod, Decidueye, Minior, Mimikyu, and Garfield alolan persian, oh my god these guys did so much work. (read the rest below I wrote like an essay on this because I like talking about these sorts of things so much.)
  6. I read a bit into the leaks and I'm gonna confirm some things and give a bit of insight on what's cool and what isn't. (I think my reply for Dexide is the only reply that I made that's semi-spoilery.)
  7. I feel like everyone here is Misha. They're all back. #forkidsonly
  8. You didn't say anything about rotating the image, also I didn't intend for this I swear
  9. The Halloween Bundle was pretty amazing, I'm gonna have to give my review of the sequel to RotTT soon. I was told to leave some advice for Castle of Peril, so I have some suggestions below. Regardless, this was pretty amazing and I'll be looking forward to the holiday bundle (/sarcasm) CoP Notes -Have two hitboxes for the chain and ball obstacle, one when it's at a complete stop and while rising, where you do not take damage and you can stand on it like the ground, and the second hitbox during its fall animation where it can actually hurt you, just to make it so you don't have to wait on the ball to rise all of the way so you can pass a small hallway -Edit the BGM so the pause doesn't go on for like a second or two longer than it has to, it makes me think that the music just crashes a few seconds in -Make the cannonball shoot faster so it's more of threat potentially? I'll edit in anything I think of, great game so far tho.
  10. Hail Helix. I'll probably get more into these as they go on I'm just a little busy as of late.
  11. How many ARGs have dropped before the reveal, my boy? Anyways, as a member of the inner-circle of Morg enterprises, I can confirm that this game will be much more entertaining, the background now has the potential to not be a blizzard but instead nice slowly drifting snow, now isn't that nice kids? But really though I'm looking forward to how this turns out!
  12. So I just realized with the new like system with disliking a post there can potentially be users with negative likes. I feel like this is too much power for one community, and it will only end one way.
  13. Injecting the memes into my blood stream

  14. I have a little story to tell. So I felt like trying to 100% complete Super Mario Sunshine last week, because I remember never being able to beat it on my own. I was doing pretty well to start out, got like 50% of the game done in the first few days, but then things started to slow down later on. Just around last night I had gotten to the point where I only needed to get the blue coins. This is when the game decided to be funny, and proceeded to not load specific blue coins across the levels. I just thought maybe they would eventually spawn, so I left the level and tried others. Everything was fine until I went to Noki Bay, where I was getting the bulk of my missing blue coins. However, one blue coin in a hard to reach place decided to ruin my day. As soon as I collected the blue coin, the game completely crashed. I tried again, and the same result happened. The game crashes as soon as I collect this blue coin. Then it hit me. After all of this time, I still cannot 100% complete Super Mario Sunshine, because the game refuses to let me.