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  1. Maybe let me think about I'll be online soon =D
  2. I might be able to work something out my GT: Sonicsezmegusta
  3. Thx I'm new sry and I don't know how to reply to u so can u teach me plz
  4. Thief or barbarian my gt is Sonicsezmegusta
  5. I need the the thief and barbarian willing to trade anything my gt is Sonicsezmegusta
  6. I trade 4 barbarian or thief they r all I need my Gt is Sonicsezmegusta
  7. I'll trade you the lava lamp 4 the thief GT Sonicsezmegusta
  8. I have every head except thief and barbarian tarde? GT: Sonicsezmegusta
  9. I have collected every head since it came out but missed a few because of a vacation so I gave up on the game 4 a while but I'm back now and collected most of what I need but I still need the barbarian and thief and willing to trade any special head or gems but I prefer special head 4 special head
  10. I need the thief and barbarian trade anyone? Gt:Sonicsezmegusta
  11. Thief and barbarian plz gt:sonicsezmegusta