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  1. Finding exploits since 2012~

  2. Hiya! I'm Sydney "Kirbyrocket" Henry! I am 15 years old; and I have High-Functioning Autism(HFA) & Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD). I am involved in multiple communities, and am generally known for being a great friend to others; I also make graphic designs and music! You can find all the latest updates on what I do on my Twitter: @Kirbyrocket. All my music has been uploaded to Newgrounds and Soundcloud. I've been around lurking in the Behemoth community for awhile, but I didn't get too known. I actually was looking for this thread YEARS ago! I'm glad it's up now! I hope to see you all more within the community during the Pit People beta! Best of luck to those who signed up! Have a great day, everyone! Bless, -Sydney "Kirbyrocket" Henry
  3. Congrats to Shoomway for 1st place and to all others who tried their best (or tried in general)! I'm proud of all of you (even though I only saw like 3 people). I'm only disappointed in myself for not attending this tournament. Other than that, I am very proud! There is a Steam Group that some of us made because of the stream. The one that was made was called The Church of the Holy Bench. I also made a Benchwarmer head! If you don't want to join the amazing steam group, that's okay. I can post the head here! In fact, here it is! So go ahead and check it out! Hope you enjoy it! And you should probably join the steam group!
  4. Shoot! It's a darn shame I didn't make it on time to sign up! Came back from a vacay and I've been dying for a BBT tournament! Ironically, I've been dying for B-Ball the most, the one I was too late for! i had a peeslosh moment right there when I saw it. >.< Oh well, the next one I hope for is for either King of the Hill or Capture the Horse. Maybe Muckle, but I'm not too sure about it. Might get a bit out of hand.