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  1. Psh blue knight can't die. He's to amazing for death. The cat is training to be a cat that sits next to the areana swatting people! thats exactly what i was thinking Ricky
  2. i seen alot of posts about it on then tried it the first day and bought it the next day, haven't stopped playing it since. Ricky
  3. hey everyone i was just wondering why the treasure hunt arena is in ranked, it gets me so mad when i have to play a game for 45 minutes cuz my opponent picked it so he could just have his shield out and block ever hit and dont dig up any treasure and steal all of the ones that i get, this is the only area that shouldn't be in ranked cuz it doesn't take any skill, anyone else agree with me? Ricky
  4. they dont really matter that much in arena's cuz i can beat them still but im just mad about them killing the leaderboards that im trying so hard to climb
  5. i was thinking maby he is the merchant of the game a la resident evil.
  6. djbuhhda

    art class work

    never ended up putting it up on the wall becuz we moved on to a siliwet *so spelled wrong* but that one came out pretty sweet to. i did a zombie apocalypse. Ricky
  7. wow i just realized that the ninja picture is on sale in the shirts section of the store, and that the green knight is out of stock =[ Ricky
  8. cant believe noone put the instaball to the first boss from alien hominid, or if not the first one of the first. Ricky
  9. omkfg i freaking love it with a capital LOV. Ricky
  10. i love it, woulda loved the green knight since hes the best Ricky
  11. djbuhhda

    art class work

    i did buhhda because thats my nickname. =] Ricky
  12. djbuhhda

    art class work

    so i had an assignment in art class to create a graffiti so i decided to make one with castle crashers even tho it isn't a big part of the art i still thought i would share it will all of you, hope you like it. Ricky