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  1. The Binding of Issac: Your mom believes that God spoke to her. He wants her to kill you. Loads of odd power ups, and old school zelda like game play. It is an amazing gem that you should look into. Limbo: You are a little boy that has found himself in a dangerous position. This is an amazingly simple yet effective little horror type puzzle platformer in which the atmosphere grasps you in a very unsettling way. look them up ---------------------------------------------------
  2. I loved that game. I am shocked that "Dad" is not a character in CC. Or syn... horrid? I am content with the games selection of characters though.
  3. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v648/ ... esktop.jpg mhmm
  4. I, Raymond, vow to give everyone an equal shot at greatness if I ever make something out of myself. bbq at my place.
  5. Heyyy people. Im Pig... It would seem that I am late to the party aye? I honestly just bought castle crashers, I know I am lame, but I have been a Newgrounds kid for years. There has always been a soft spot in my heart for Dan and Edmund (team meat). Thus... I own a lot of their wares. Does anyone remember Jacked for the first xbox? Lulz... it started there for me. Grind up a pig put it in a can scrapple. So fave character thus far? Cultist minion. Orb? Rammy. I dig the game quite a bit. My daughter does too. She is three so its cool to find a game that she can pick up and play with me. :Willow's picks: The pink knight... lulz Owlet