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  1. So it begins! I never was any good at debates, but it will be fun to see if I can stomp all his points into the earth :3
  2. Haha I'm pretty sure you just repeated exactly what I said - Game isn't centered around the market, - Makes heads less special. I didn't see farming heads as a issue, but I'm glad Behemoth fixed it. It shows they love us and their game, Ya see? NEYAAAAA!
  3. Amazing! I especially love the color... and the owl orb <3
  4. IMHO This game isn't (and shouldn't be) centered around the market. It's just a way to collect all heads if you really want them. If you want to farm heads go for it. The only con I see is that you become less special for having said exploited head since there are a lot of them in the market. If they wanted to make people feel special, they could have given out an achievement for A+ing everything on insane and normal.
  5. It looks like you couldn't pick up the soccer ball back then too!
  6. AHH just heard a new one that made my list: "This could go from fun to supper fun if you go around screaming 'NAHH! See?? NAHH!' the whole time."
  7. Ah man, there are so many!!! I'm pretty sure I'm going to drive my friends crazy by saying "ya see?" and "NYAA!" so much. Some of my other favorites include... "Tonight's game is brought to you by Yarn. Yarn - It's a ball!" "If a normal soul weighs 21 grams, a fat person soul must weigh 21... gram-crackers!"
  8. A new member thread! I feel right at home. Let's see... I've only got introduced to BBT last year but man I've played so much of this game! I've yet to play Castle Crashers (when I get around to making room on my hard drive)... so I'll just go ahead and BBT-afy the questions. My favorite head is the wild-eyed bearded guy in the cylinder heads. My friends and I call him the Mtn. Man. My favorite weapon is probably the frogs (They are just so handy for completing co-op levels by yourself!).