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  1. The forum is old. And yes it's me king aka The Epic Dragon the troll from 2014. Forum was so nice back then
  2. It's sad, but Pokemon is going downhill. The last good generation was IV. Now the content is released too frequently and is getting watered down.
  3. It was a nice place to be. The death of Seriousttown has killed the forums. (Though I understand why it was removed). 2008-2015
  4. Yeah, what happened to them?
  5. King

    You're banned!

    Banned for having Lucas as your avatar.
  6. King

    Clash Of Clans

    I have all level 7 walls and a few level 8. I had to grind for the lvl 7 walls, took a while. I just did it cause they look cool.
  7. King

    Clash Of Clans

    And that's all right. We all have our opinions, don't we? (BTW: I don't like it )
  8. King

    Clash Of Clans

    Nice. Though I wouldn't recommend maxing out walls, that's a waste of time.
  9. King

    Clash Of Clans

    If ya wanna view my account, my username is uRager, in the level 6 clan called Dark Elites.
  10. Time to hear your voice! Also create your own intro or remove it. People don't like unoriginal intros (I don't mind, but just saying)' Anyways good luck!
  11. King

    Clash Of Clans

    I have 5 builders too. Pushing to Masters League at the moment,
  12. King

    Clash Of Clans

    I skipped town hall 6 actually. Rushing is fine if done correctly . I mean I wasn't going to grind walls for 2 months before moving to TH9. M Defenses were somewhat maxed . Will post my base in a bit .
  13. King

    Clash Of Clans

    Does anyone play this game ? If so read on... What town hall are you guys ? I personally am town hall level 9 level 75. Do you beleive on rushing your town hall ? I personally do. Only if you do not war and you smartly rush . I rush to get my farming troops upgraded ASAP.
  14. I don't know about this. Games such as Minecraft or Happy Wars have easily allowed you to transfer saved datag from X360 to Xbox One. So yes, it is possible; but I don't know if the developers would implement this feature.
  15. Hey Cat Guard... long time no see. Well. I've always loved puzzles that are unique- in the fact thsat you don't use the actual in-game objects itself; you manipulate it so it is used in a different way than it was originally intended to. Just an idea
  16. BOOM! and King are my favourite heads.
  17. All your BBT heads and weapons will all be there, as long as you use the same Xbox LIVE account.
  18. I used to play BB in the good ol' days. I have every single head and star head . Some good deals I've made... -50 percent off head for Bomb Head -Groundhog head for Lava Lamp -100 gems for a lot of my star heads.
  19. I got it back in September of 2013.
  20. Oh yeah, Terraria. Real fun. Good thing I have every armor in the game >
  21. I like my username. I changed my old username (The Epic Dragon) because it sounded so... kiddish.
  22. My computer is from like 2007. It is pre built and absolutely sucks . It has intel core 2 duo, and intergrated graphics at 2.66 GHZ.
  23. Hey, sorry to bother you guys, but just was wondering, did you already ask the applicants about if they want their mod positions? Or have you guys not done that yet?