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  1. Are you playing offline or online? Are you BOTH not getting gems, or just one of them? Thanks in advance! It sounds to me like you're playing offline. Because of our connection to the Steam item server, there are some things you are not able to do until you connect up online again. Don't worry, once you get online, all your gems will show up! Here is the breakdown of exactly what you are not able to do when offline: - You CAN collect gems and yarn. However, YARN will save to your inventory right away, but GEMS will not. Gems will sync up when you go online. - You CANNOT purchase Prisoners while offline. The Prisoner vending machine will not work. - You CANNOT purchase Weapons while offline. The guards will not take your yarn. - You CANNOT trade in-game (since you cannot trade with local players in-general). Yes i played offline and now i tryed online and it worked thanks
  2. When i started playing couch co-op with my friend something weird happend.We played for an hour but we didnt get any gems.We got all the gems but i couldnt spend them on prisoners.We are on chapter 2 and we have the same problem with yarns.We get them but we cannot spend them in shop we pressed all the buttons but nothing i dont know whats happening.Pls help we dont want to go any further because we want to get all the prisoners and the guns.Btw we are playing on a pc