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  1. hi i really want to buy alien hominid but when i try to buy Microsoft points i put all the things from my dads credit card but it just says Xbox live cannot retrieve data. ???
  2. spiral123

    Insane mode

    sorry i just got grounded for 2 weeks when im aloud to play ill add u as friend
  3. hi when i try to go on Xbox live game it just says this profile has no permission and i have been trying to beat lava world with my fencer so i tryed xbox live
  4. ok ill try but is there anyway you can sign my blue knight figure?
  5. so is there going to be one for 2012?In san diego right? and where is it next year?its ok if u don't know.My friends and i where planing to go there.
  6. ok i know this doesnt belong here and i do not know where its suposed to go but i wanted to ask Danp where the next comic con/games con is?
  7. spiral123

    Insane mode

    Need help on insane mode I'm stuck on thiefs forest at the moma troll.my gt is Infern0chicken plz help!
  8. thx I found out the problem.when my little brother joined me with his gray knight he already beat tall grass fields and tall grass fields is one of the blue levels and he made me skip it
  9. Ummm... i alrdeady beat the game twice do u mean in one game or in two games?
  10. thx but will it work?and should i post this on the issues page?
  11. i have beat the game with industrialist but he didn't get skull and i didn't unlock fencer. don't know why this happen but i think it may happen with my fire demon, royal guard and skeleton help!
  12. I really want my blue knight to by signed but i dont know wat a game con is and where it is
  13. I done all of that and no he dosnt have a skull but ill try the last thing with beating the game twice thx plus will i unlock fencer to?