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  1. 5 more days.... i just cant wait
  2. Here's the full list of hats: 0. No Hat - (available at start) 1. Red Baseball Cap - (available at start 2. Brown Hair (male) On hard, jump off the spaceship before the screen fades after beating the final boss 3. Brown Hat In 2-5, kill 7 birds 4. Blond Wig/Pearls Beat 1-2 5. Brown Wig/Pearls Beat 1-3 6. Black Afro Beat 1-5 7. Jheri Curl In 1-4 destroy "fish are like plants" building 8. Red Bandana Beat 1-4 9. Vietnamese Hat - (available at start) 10. Crown of Flowers Beat 1-1 with gore off 11. Stove Pipe Hat Beat 1-1 with gore off 12. Tiara Beat 2-2 on hard 13. Daisy-petal hat Beat 2-3 14. Private Eye hat Beat 3-2 on hard 15. Nurse Cap In 3-5, get to final boss (don't have to win) 16. Chef Hat Beat 1-3 17. Conical purple hat In 1-3 destroy "Castle of Crap" building 18. Flower - (available at start) 19. Viking Hat - (available at start) 20. Area 51 agent hat Beat 3-2 21. KGB Agent hat Beat 2-1 22. Pirate Hat In 1-1 destroy "Hairy Mommy Daycare" 23. Indian Feather - (available at start) 24. Rooster Hat In 1-4 destroy the Behemoth-logo building 25. Jester's Cap Beat 3-4 on hard 26. Yellow Shark Fin In 2-4 dig/suffocate before riding snowmobile 27. Conical brown hat Beat 2-2 28. Ears Beat 2-2 29. Goggles In 1-4 beat the helicopter without losing tank (you still lose the take when the helicopter crashes down) 30. Black and White hat Beat 3-1 That is the guide.. Number 26 doens't work for me... i dig and dig.. nothing happens. How do i get this 1?
  3. 26. Yellow Shark Fin In 2-4 dig/suffocate before riding snowmobile THIS 1 DOESN'T WORK ARRGGG. how do i get this 1? any1 knows?
  4. hey dork that list on gamefaqs that you are showing people is ALSO incomplete... man how do we ever get the full list of the hats...
  5. but the guide on gamefaqs is for the gamecube version. I have tryd number #24 and 25#, they don't work for me. Number #24 is digging before the snowtruck or something but nothing happens... i'm not the only 1 in the world. I have heard that 24# and 25# ar impossible too find. And i have heard that only 1 person or 2 has the achievement. So Behemoth.. please.. please post a guide for the achievement: Mad Hatter ty kindly.. LegendtriggerNL (i'm from the Netherlands so my english is not that good sorry about that;))
  6. Hey Behemoth! cool that you guys started a new forum. Il be on every day here haha. Behemoth.. my main question is: Can you guys tell us how 2 get all the hats in Alien Hominid HDmon the xbox 360. I still can't find em all. The whole world has problems with this. I have seen 1 guy with the achievement. I want that achievement. So Behemoth.. can you give your fans the locations of the hats in Alien Hominid HD on the xbox 360 arcade? that would be very kindly Castle Crashers for Live WHOOHOO~!