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  1. I added you. I'm up to play whenever.
  2. Sorry for the incorrect section post. It was intended to be a post asking people if they wanted anyone to play CC with me, but it got out of hand...
  3. Hello everyone! My name is Cameron, but I prefer Cam. I am 13 years of age and enjoy Castle Crashers to an extreme extent. I have been a fan of the Behemoth since about 2005 when I bought Alien Hominid for my GameCube. I had an Xbox 360, then I got the e74 error twice and the red ring of death three times. So I converted to PS3 and here we are. I look forward to joining the forum and thank you for reading. Also, I have been dying for people to play Castle Crashers with, since not anyone I know of has it and they won't buy it.(I really don't get why...) So, if anyone would like to play with me on PS3, add my username. It's vgp405. Also, I have Skype. I'm on all the time. Add vgplayer405 or Cam Wade. Any who, I have dragged this on long enough and thanks for reading.