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  1. So when you submit a ticket it should give you a ticket number I'm never emailed the ticket number. I need the number to check my ticket.
  2. So I've submitted a ticket twice but It NEVER has sent me a ticket number. Any Ideas on how to fix this?
  3. Thanks if anyone else can confirm this thanks! Is this on PC or Xbox? I know that on Xbox you have to get any one achievement in CC to unlock it, but I haven't tried this on PC. I already had CC beaten with most achievements (on PC) when I bought BBT, so I never found out what you have to do. I would assume it's the same, though. There's probably a dev blog somewhere that tells you. (Also a quick tip: if you do have to get an achievement to unlock, I find the easiest one to get is "Melee is Best", where you simply have to just beat any boss without using magic attacks; not too hard! Just play to the first boss, that Barbarian guy, and do that.) I'm on steam and thanks
  4. Thanks if anyone else can confirm this thanks!
  5. I need help. If you can please help me.

  6. So I was wondering I already own Battle Block Theater and if I bought Castle crashers would i still get the head? I just think it looks cool and I already wanted castle crashers. Please Respond if you know the answer or someone who would.
  7. Wow if this is for real I've got a reality check XD
  8. Wow I had no idea there were this many heads