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  1. yeah I'd much rather wait than to pay 12+ times the amount of a normal star head on the market after a decent bit.
  2. Even if they were to change their minds, I doubt they'd have it as a weekly or feature head any time soon.
  3. Well in time older heads would cost more than if they freshly came out, and the issue is that the heads are in control of merchs who'll likely charge so much that even TF2 items would be cheaper in comparison. No one wants to buy a game that they'd have to pay 2+ times the games' cost just to get all the heads. Actually they have stated that the summer sale was the only way to get all three heads and they will not be re-released For steam, not Xbox.
  4. I'd be closer to buying that if it was a free to play game (i.e. most of the other games w/ summer event exclusive items) as opposed to something one pays about 10 bucks to own. And the way it goes will likely backfire as not many people want to pay too much for a head (more so as most new heads are very cheap during their runs) Also I forgot to note it early, but the Xbox player base has no such worries (miss a head's run? There'll be another down the line) I mean if the head was DLC I'd buy it even if it was a few bucks (certainly cheaper than what people are selling it for), so would other people. They'd love to support the company, not so much souless market merchs only out to make a buck. I'm hoping this is the last time they do something like this or else I'd have to put up warnings about it being hat fortress 2 (i.e. stay clear)
  5. I'm curious about other opinions. Mine? It's a mistake as by doing so, it basically put the rarest head at the non-existent mercy of the market autobuyers/ merchs (and the only way to keep up is to do the same thing basically) I feel this is a small betrayal as Iwasn't expecting Behemoth to do anything that might invoke memories of hat fortress 2. I'm not expecting any changes, but I feel I had to vent a bit.
  6. yes, remind us steam users how we get short ended.
  7. I say as I haven't beaten it but gotten some accheves on it.
  8. I believe so, though you'd have to also get an acchievement in it as well (not that hard)
  9. They should release Alien Hominid on steam, though my enhusasm towards the company has been dampened a bit with what I call the "Lava Lamp fiasco"