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  1. would like to edit my previous post, I cant believe my Vztec gamepad work on castle crashers, strange that didnt work on demo, lol but anyway, wanna let you guys know work on this brand of gamepad. XD
  2. In the end when I decided to just buy the game without waiting for solution, I cant believe it, my controller works !! guess the demo do not have that support I guess, using Vztec gamepad, cant believe it work, with keyboard and gamepad, I can enjoy local co-op now, XD
  3. my Vztec gamepad is not working at all, would like to know will any controller support be implement in the future? if I wanted to play with my siblings all together, suddenly get 3-4 xbox controller is killing my wallet. would happy to know other gamepad can be work in the future, then will sure to get this game ! XD