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  1. He actually made his before you did, so technically, your's is a duplicate... Yes, but a more specific, multi-choice duplicate!
  2. Hello, everybody. I do not intend on hurting Burpzasq's feelings, but I have a poll just like this. In fact, it is far more specific, and you can choose as many consoles as you want. We both have the same intention: Letting The Behemoth know what platforms we want, right? So help us out by taking my poll:
  3. Yeah, some of these would work better for future, smaller games.
  4. I love The Behemoth games, but alas! I don't own an Xbox! The Behemoth is making their latest game, Battleblock Theater, for the Xbox Live Arcade. The game looks incredibly awesome, yet I can't buy an Xbox to play it! Now, I could sit on my bed and cry for the rest of the day, but I decided to make this poll instead. So, those of you who don't own an Xbox, what do you want Battleblock Theater, or any future Behemoth game, to be for? Your PC? Your iPod? Perhaps the Nintendo equivalent to Xbox Live, WiiWare? Or any other system that isn't on this poll? Vote for it!
  5. Anyone ever heard of Nitrome? They're an online game company and they make awesome games with awesome (pixel) art. Here's a few screenshots: