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  1. Well, me and my friend picked up BBT since it was on the summer sale and was really looking forward to playing the coop story, since id seen so much gameplay of it.. But when we started up the coop story mode we encountered a strange problem.. He was hosting the game, but whenever I picked up a gem or yarn, it would dissapear, like I had gotten it, but then not count towards the grading and gift shop pool resulting in almost minimum gems and a C rank... The only time we could get all 7 gems plus the yarn, was when I went out of my way to let him get every single one of the them since he was the host.. It seemed like a very strange issue to me and looked it up, thinking it might be a common problem, but turns out I cant find a solution anywhere.. So please, if anyone could help elaborate on what might be happening to cause this, id greatly appreciate it ;