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  1. I bought BBT during the Summer Sale and picked up Castle Crashers about a week ago. Didn't even play CC yet, but I got the Knight head when I joined BBT. The magical, winged chest flew from the corner and presented me with my gift.
  2. When I really think about it, BBT is like a "lesser" version of LittleBigPlanet. If you own the game, you'd probably agree. The game has a base story that could be played by yourself or up to three friends locally or online. Constant user-created levels are released daily. Certain levels are featured in by the Devs. And costumes could be decorated to how ever you wish. The only DLC LittleBigPlanet ever got were Level Packs and extra costumes. The only DLC I could think of for BBT would be additional levels created by the Devs that also included more prisoners to collect that you can't normally collect in the base game.