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  1. After seeing that video, I honestly want more friends on my Wii U and 3ds lists. It would be fun to just derp around with friends rather than being serious on for glory all the time or fighting random somewhat noobish people on for fun. NNID: deltafire if anyone wants to play me on wii u sometime. Would love to do some four player matches like in the video tho. XD
  2. Well, two things. I'm some reason super attatched to this opening. I was also told Attack on Titan Season 2 is out. The kid was probably talking about the OVAs tho. Brb. Gonna research. EDIT: Yea. They mean't the OVAs. I still really need to watch those. I haven't seen them yet. Also, if any of you don't have Netflix and have trouble finding anime sites, I HIGHLY reccomend Kissanime. All the other sites I've been reccomended before that such as watchcartoononline and many others are crap. I'm sure watchcartoononline tho is great if you got adblock.
  3. I'm currently watching Blue exorcist. It's a pretty enjoyable anime!
  4. I'd be much more willing to buy the Mii costumes if you could use miis against anyone on wifi. Yet again, people would make offensive miis.
  5. So, has the tourney happened yet? If so, how did it go? I'm eager to hear who won!
  6. I know it's last minute, but unfortunately, I can't attend. My brother's at a chess competition and has the 3DS with him. If only everyone had a Wii U in this tourney, then I could still attend XD. Well, anyways, I'd feel guilty if you had to delay it any longer. So, yea know, good luck guys, and have fun! Hopefully I can attend the next tourney!
  7. I gave my smash ballot vote to Rayman personally. That leak troll made me feel like he SHOULD be in. Besides, a limbless character could be very creative My brother voted for Shovel Knight. And a heck ton of people from another forum site I go on voted for K. Rool. I considered voting Snake since I want him back in, but I decided i'd rather see a newcomer.
  8. Just to clarify, the tournament has been delayed to a later date. Right? Or is it still today?
  9. I love anime, I haven't watched that much yet though. I'm currently watching SAO. I noticed a lot of people say it's bad, but I actually think it's enjoyable. Here are my top 5 anime, I haven't finished SAO so the list is subject to change: 5. Soul Eater 4. Gurren Lagann 3. Fullmetal Alchemist 2. SAO 1. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
  10. Welp. I went into 3DS for glory after months of not playing, and man, I'm so rusty! I lost every match XD. I used to win some, lose some. Though, I'm still pretty good at the Wii U version. Even worse, I noticed my R button broke recently on the 3DS so now I have a broken L and R button D: I have a temporary fix for the buttons, but I really should send that thing to Nintendo and get permanent fixes.
  11. I'll join in! My friend code: 0001-3815-8600 I was also wondering, can we only use 1 character throughout the tourney or can we switch between matches? My skype: Deltafire My time zone is PST. I'll be availible for the tournament anytime. I have a lot of free time. The only instances I couldn't make it would be if I went on vacation or forgot. But, I'm probably not gonna be on some vacation on a random weekend.
  12. Aww man! I missed this tourney! I hope there's another one soon. I'd be willing to join. NNID: Deltafire Skype: Deltafire
  13. Delta

    You're banned!

    Banned for good grammar.
  14. I'd be interested in battling people on these forums. My NNID is Deltafire. I have the 3DS version too but I'm BAD at it because I didn't play in a couple months. I'm way too used to the GC controller. Speaking of that, I wonder when the mewtwo DLC will come out?