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  1. Yes, the Steam version, from what I can tell, replaced the old Cecil with Cooking Cat Cecil. If you want to use the Xbox Cecil, you can put this image in your Custom Heads folder and play as the cyclops we know and hate!
  2. And so the crowd cheered that this week TWO HEADS ARE RELEASING THIS WEEK! YAY!
  3. Either way, I made B.C. as a custom head to shut people up. http://forums.thebehemoth.com/index.php?/topic/16644-where-the-big-chin/?hl=big+chin
  4. JadeFlames

    Meme Run

    This kind of stuff should be buried before it even crawls out of the pit of it's previous grave, AKA the garbage.
  5. Then why even post? While Dragon's post was rude, he does have a point. The thread was directed to everyone and you came in to say that you aren't trading... That's like going to Starbucks and going "Yes I have $5, but not for you!" I'm not trying to be mean, I'm simply asking, why post then if all you're going to say is no? You can't delete posts unless you put something extremely rude, racist, sexest, etc. but I'll edit so dragon won't whine. Ah, I was mainly wondering. Otherwise other then what I mentioned, I don't see why people had to complain.
  6. Then why even post? While Dragon's post was rude, he does have a point. The thread was directed to everyone and you came in to say that you aren't trading... That's like going to Starbucks and going "Yes I have $5, but not for you!" I'm not trying to be mean, I'm simply asking, why post then if all you're going to say is no?
  7. All I can think of with this head...Urgh...Too beautiful... https://img.4plebs.org/boards/s4s/image/1391/57/1391570318302.jpg
  8. While the map is still difficult as heck, SnakeBD had the following to say in the description of the playlist, and one of the discussions.. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Heaven to Not so Hell (fixed levels) This playlist was only designed just to annoy some friends that I had. now i fix some of the problems. Cat controll make some people crazy. Heaven II : remove the spikes that were near the teleporter. Earth III : Easier access to the secret level. Underground II : 1 more checkpoint and the first part is more easier Underground III : Find for yourself, this level this level is the cause of the first strong reviews and the hate. this was designed to ♥♥♥♥ some friends. i never desingned this to get featured. Hell I & II : + 60 sec, more checkpoints and more easier (not much) thats all ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Note: Broken English is due to SnakeBD using Google Translate, English is not his first language.) So yea, he has fixed up at least some of the levels. While they are still VERY difficult, it isn't AS difficult.
  9. Seems like the controversy over this level is still heating up...And it's only been a day. http://steamcommunity.com/app/238460/discussions/1/613935404097365595/ http://steamcommunity.com/app/238460/discussions/1/613935404098275663/ http://steamcommunity.com/app/238460/discussions/10/613935404080434351/ Let me bring in some quotes. "Ok behemoth guys and gals, how much did he bribe you?" "Even if I knew what I was doing, took more luck than skill. Quit after so many tries." "This feels like I'm playing nightmare/insane mode on normal. Everything is super tight timing, and tons and tons of time wasting trial and error. I think it'd be fun if scalled back a bit difficulty wise. Please don't relase such difficult features in the future. It seems everyone speaking up is having more frustration than fun." "This solo feature is not challenging, it's a 'die and learn' made levels with cheap tricks to ensure you die on your first runs. It does not fit the style of battleblock theater and is not 'challenging' - Also since this game uses RNG for all timings such as blocks, cannon shots, and saws speed running this map on insane difficulty is atrocious. Go ahead and try and do the same run twice, or even do it at all." "Started the invisible block/spike maps, these maps really are annoying. I guess this is the first week I'm going to miss the unlock since owning the game. I rather just buy the head for a few cents later than waste any more of my time with this." Oh hey, how about a quote from the ONLY user to post saying he did it? "I'm ashamed to say that I played through these levels for over two hours, but after much trial and error, raging, and countless prayers to the above, I finally finished this awful playlist. I am not filled with any amount of satisfaction; I am just frustrated that I wasted so much of my time. I knew right away that this was created to put enemies and random, unfortunate strangers through a series of gruesome tests to which there seems no end. I have down-rated this playlist, which I, and apparently a lot of people above my post, never do. I hope to never see another playlist of this quality keeping me from such an adorable star head. I agree with USERNAME's post above mine. "Those levels should be played by some average players before approving." Please, consider your community before making us endure such hell." Please Behemoth devs. Collect every gem and yarn in each level. If it takes more then two hours, I'm sure it's a bad choice.
  10. So far only one person on the Steam discussion posted a screenshot showing that he DID indeed beat the feature. If you guys really want the head though, you can also get it by re-beating the co-op feature.
  11. This playlist is a horrible, cheap playlist. It will often kill you in ways which are unfair to the player, and make it near impossible at times. One section in level Underground II requires you to reset it until the level is timed right to get past the cannon. I advise you do not play this. I rank this 1/10.
  12. I'm simply going to keep this short saying I haven't played BBT in a while, but I'll try to get some pictures... Has anyone noticed a bug where when playing in arena mode, one person will leave, and another will join, only to be on the team which already has two players, leading to a 3VS1 match? I've had this a few times and wonder why it happens...
  13. Interesting...While what you posted has some base structure of FE gameplay, this game seems to try to seperate people instead of bring them together?...Odd yet interesting...