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  1. Kai Sedicius

    PC Version of Castle Crashers

    Although I'd love to mod content for Castle Crashers I'm gonna have to standby my Wii comment everytime this is mentioned. Not many people will BUY a game for the PC or Wii, everyone will pirate it.
  2. Kai Sedicius

    Game 3 On Wii?

    Man... i didnt know trolls posted on the forums... It'd be great if thebehemoth supported WiiWare, however it's a bad idea for a small company to make games for it. Isnt the ammount of hackers on the wii gonna cause problems? How many people actually BUY wiiware games >_>
  3. So who's getting it? Comes out very soon for those who cant read japanese. I'm worried about it. I remember NOT beating PiT because it was so lame, it was like a level-by-level basis. Go here, beat boss, go somewhere else, beat boss. no real overworld. However, SSS i have no memory of besides the final boss *Remember, no spoilers* so maybe that wasnt even a good game either, but im positive it was. I'm really hoping BiS is gonna be amazing.
  4. Every level is a checkpoint, but not every level is a savepoint. Similar to Super Mario World, to actually get to a save point, you beat a castle. if im wrong, sorry.
  5. I never thought of this We might have to wait THAT long? :'(
  6. Kai Sedicius

    Friends with so little gamerscore in this game

    Although I just said AH isnt hard, i wont lie, 200/200ing AH definately is hard. Definately a game to be proud of if you've done it.
  7. Kai Sedicius

    Friends with so little gamerscore in this game

    People definately overexaggerate how hard AH is. Even Contra is harder and it's not that bad. Metal Slug is hard.... then when we get into japanese shmups like mushihemesama
  8. Kai Sedicius

    Free Arcade MS Points

    10/10 username. needs moarmusic playing from marx
  9. Kai Sedicius


    a Title Update, usually the updates you get when you play a game and it's like "GOTTA DOWNLOAD THIS UPDATE DAWG :B" However i question the neccessary of it for XBLA titles, cant they just put the patch built in the game?
  10. Kai Sedicius

    Time to grow up...

    I dont wanna sound mean or anything. And im not even against you. but.... chances are whoever says the term "Grow up" having to grow up themself... i mean afterall, this is sort of a crying topic
  11. Kai Sedicius

    A couple thousand copies of the Necromantic dlc

    Remember when it was leaked the game was gonna be 1600 MSP and everyone was going nuts? maybe the DLC thing is their way of making it "appear" cheaper.
  12. Kai Sedicius


    This is extremely believable, the 10 was too small. Plus, 20GB is so much space and most people have 60GB+.
  13. Kai Sedicius

    A couple thousand copies of the Necromantic dlc

    Thought they were giving away 100 of the game
  14. Kai Sedicius


    Pretty sure this is confirmed my microsoft. It doesnt matter how much spave you have, they limit it to 10.
  15. Kai Sedicius


    If you played 10 different games that has a TU without playing CC, the TU for CC will delete. For some reason xbox only allows you to have 10 TU's on your HDD. So it probably been a long time since you played CC