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  1. Honestly, with so much stuff in the game already, as well as a level editor, and if you are on Steam, Steam Workshop support, I don't want any DLC.
  2. Well... In a coop playthrough I've been doing with my friend I don't think he has gotten any...
  3. I think that the ones in my profile picture, which are Blue and Red, work pretty well together. The Blue Knight can freeze enemies, making it easy for the Red Knight to hit them, and while the enemies are being stun locked by Red's magic, Blue can shoot them with his missiles. The missiles do a good amount of damage and don't interrupt Red's attack. I have, however, tried very few combos, so if you know of some really good ones, share them here.
  4. Granted. You get marshmallows that are permanently on fire, and if you want to eat them, you have to do so while they are. I wish for not having to pay for gasoline ever again.
  5. WUMBO

    You're banned!

    Banned for crossing out writing that is already hard to read, making it even harder to read.