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  1. my favorite is hitmonchan ( and it awsome because i just got a shiny one of him )
  2. there is another trick that i found out about the cyclops is when you sit inbetween the lava hole and the dirt mound and run up he cant hit you, But the one with the coffin seems better because sometime the cyclops will glich out and be on top of the lava pit without falling in thanks for a better stradegy.
  3. i love how there is no way to determin witch charactor you going to get because of the slot machines
  4. i would love to see the barbarian come back
  5. hi you play cc on ps3 or xbox ?

  6. I think its a great idea, i dont think you need videos because they can cost alot, and you just want to help
  7. you might not count these but there are animal orb phone charms. they have: MonkeyFace, Girraffey, Cradinal, BiPolarBear, Troll, Rammy, Pazzo, Chicken and Bitey Bat you can find them in the behemoth shop under other
  8. yeah until the princesses get stolen again, then you do the hole story over again
  9. you know there just ideas you don't need to be a downer people can hope