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  1. i would love to have one i bet it would look awsome
  2. favorite 3 1. vollyball 2. cyclops (the small one) 3. cyclops (the big one) my least favorite 1. corn boss 2. necromancer 3. ice boss (he laughes to much)
  3. i can't wait to solve hard puzzles with my brothers, but i also like how you can betray your partner
  4. yeah because your performing in a theater the hole time so its the comunnitys theater
  5. seeing that the beta is going to be at the end of winter i would say in the begining of summer 2013 because they need final edeting and stuff
  6. the hat has a mind of its own and is the king of the cats but needs a human body to be alive
  7. i think they should have a sword for the knight charactor
  8. i loved the music from castle crashers music so i can't wait to hear battle bolck theaters music
  9. for the closed beta i was to young so i had to ask my parents for permition, they said to use my email that they can axcess. am i aloud to do that or do i haft to use my parents email
  10. i would love to play castle crashers on my computer. but its not a good enough computer.... its so slow and probaly has 500 virusus on it.
  11. or you could turn it into a 2D RPG game that would be awsome;P
  12. well even if they are reaching the limit for XBLA they could make Castle Crashers 2 with a hole new story and more stuff to do
  13. A character that i think would be cool is a gladiator or maybe an elf i think those could be some characters