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  1. SpamBurger

    Items for ship travel

    Just keep playing through the game. It's not hidden or anything. But if you must know, its at the end of the last lava level (you get it after defeating the boss).
  2. SpamBurger

    Quick atk vs Heavy atk

    I find myself using the heavy attack all the time, because I can't find a reason to use the quick attack. The speed difference is minimal, and doesn't seem to make a difference. So is there anything I'm missing here?
  3. SpamBurger

    Favorite weapon?

    What's your favorite weapon to use? Mine is the club, because of it's great bonus to strength and defense. If the weapon is a secret (as in, not listed on the dev blog) then please don't post it.
  4. SpamBurger

    Peasent Unlock?

    And the thieves arena unlocks the thief, and the volcano arena unlocks the Periwinkle knight.
  5. SpamBurger

    Special moves !

    You eventually get ranged magic, so don't worry.
  6. SpamBurger

    Anyone waking up early instead of staying up?

    I tried, but I can't fall asleep :\
  7. SpamBurger

    I can't sleep :(

    My plan was to get some sleep in before CC comes out, but I can't fall asleep because I'm too excited. Anyone else having trouble with this?
  8. SpamBurger

    24 hours left :D post gamertag here

    Double 0 z (that's a zero)
  9. SpamBurger


    Why would you link to the youtube version and not the Newgrounds version?
  10. SpamBurger

    Australian price?

    Um, no...
  11. SpamBurger

    Castle Crashers: 3 Word Story

    horny butt pirate
  12. SpamBurger

    Castle Crashers: 3 Word Story

    raped him with
  13. SpamBurger

    Castle Crashers: 3 Word Story

    and threw up.
  14. SpamBurger

    Castle Crashers: 3 Word Story

    take a piss
  15. SpamBurger

    Castle Crashers: 3 Word Story

    The above doesn't make sense ^^^ Then BOOM! Something