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  1. Come on, it's all about the Lava World dragon. He has a sock puppet after all!
  2. Definitely an amazing deal. It makes me wish I had waited to buy it...Then again, I wouldn't have all my characters.
  3. I play has Gray Knight all the time. I think the circle eyes are cooler than the other knights'. The color is simple, which I like. As for his magic, the arrow storm is definitely my least favorite, but the bombs are pretty awesome.
  4. 0 right now. I recently accidentally deleted all of my data (because I wanted to restart King, but hit the wrong one). Yeah...I had 1 with Red Knight.
  5. I've never seen many Barbarians or Tornado characters (bear and saracen).
  6. Hey I'm Dylan, or Brainiak. My favorite knight is the Red knight and my favorite animal orb is Hawkster.