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  1. Why thank you! :3 Though it's been a while, finally made one pic. DX Sorry that I haven't been doing much arts as of late! At least there's one now... In under one of the spoiler tags. >3>; - Soldjermon
  2. Not exactly true; since BattleBlock Theater was originally released on the Xbox360 in 2013, then a year later(2014) on steam as a decent port. >3> Also, BBT is backwards compatible with XboxOne a year(2015) after that. Also, BattleBlock Theater had started being developed(I think) soon after Castle Crashers was released... So, it was around 4 to 5 or so years to develop? There was so much content that was scrapped and redone before the final release during that time span, if you've noticed the other trailers than the one you saw of those online modes. Well, there's some more information for you. Hope that helps. ;3 - Soldjermon
  3. Here's the thing about that. During development of any game(s), there are features that show up in trailers and the like. Some features, images, animations, etc. get scrapped before they get released to the general public. These are actually normal occurrences; since not everything can be implemented in the final. At least you learn something today. ;3 - Soldjermon
  4. Though I don't talk very much here(or anywhere, for that matter); I usually stop by and look around to see if there's anything new happening here. o3o; Don't get me wrong, I love this community; since it's more peaceful, loving and more open compared to the MegaMan community I was in long ago(which I'm no longer part of). >3>; I'm still around, so if you want to talk with me at least, don't hesitate to get in contact. :3 I love talking to my close friends on occasion. - Soldjermon
  5. Of course. :3 It's what I did, And finally finished a new art piece! Yay! Though, the newest art piece uses an unofficial story with official characters, it's under one of the spoiler tags. >3>; Just letting you know. X3 - Soldjermon
  6. Oh dearest me... >3>;; Wasn't expecting any of that... *sigh* Just to clarify, I've always had that information up of not accepting requests or commissions, and has been there since I've started the thread. ^^; Might as well bold and italicize it in the OP as well to be sure. Though, I might make exceptions, if the idea you sent me relating to BBT(somewhat) is actually a good one and gets me anxious to draw it. >3>; I'm still somewhat active here, though I don't post much on this message board(or anywhere, for that matter). I'm a shy and quiet person... D; Just that when I draw, I'm not really that speedy; since I take my time on each image I do and crank out a complicated art piece than a simple one. It's not easy either; since the way I draw takes at least 4 times as long as what other artists can do; which can finish art pieces within a day or less. x-x; Also, I've been on a little hiatus because my motivation went down the tubes in the past month and a half. I am trying to come back, but it's slow going. XP So, please be patient, I'll get around to making more arts! :3 Just hoping that everything can get sorted out with my life. - Soldjermon
  7. Oh, I thought you meant this image. I didn't realize you were actually asking a request. ^^; If that's the case, I'm guessing you didn't notice this in the OP: But oh well, I'll think about it. >3>; Sorry for the confusion and misunderstanding. - Soldjermon
  8. Uhh, sure! ^ω^ Just as long as you properly credit me for the fan art piece! That's great! We could be the tag team duo for making awesome fan works and posting up on this message board from Tumblr! X3 Maybe. But anyway, glad to see you around here! Pretty awesome! ♥ Either way, I've posted up a couple more art pieces here that I've done not so recently. Hope you enjoy! ^ω^ ~ ♥ - Soldjermon
  9. Hey! It's a missyzero from Tumblr! What's up? Your artworks are always awesome! Keep up the good works! X3 - Soldjermon
  10. Wait, your 28 XD ? Wow your pretty big! Well its not easy being the small animator around here XD because RESPECT

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    2. Soldjermon


      But anyway, glad you say that. :3 Animation is a very difficult skill to master; but heck, you're getting there! ^w^ Don't give up on it!

      - Soldjermon

    3. Cyrus the Animator

      Cyrus the Animator

      I wouldent say ive not mastered some of it, i am a animator after all, ive made a lot of progress so far... Anywho Thanks for the kind reply! I see your art aint bad! im guessing you use a graphic tab like me, Anywho bai!

    4. Cyrus the Animator

      Cyrus the Animator

      well about the popular thing, Im not really populor im only popular With some of the guys like Jonah and Impossiblank, And gholden ghost the admin, And to be honest.. Your pretty big through my eyes XD

  11. I'm not one of asking for requests and the like, but I'm here to say this: Your arts are super cute and awesome! Keep up the good works! :3 Also, I can sense potential. Don't give up on your art skills! ^w^ <3 One last thing, don't rush when IRL stuff actually matters and comes first, like school, work, etc. You never know what might happen in the future. ;3 - Soldjermon
  12. I would love to have a Hatty bust and a couple other items related to BattleBlock Theater that's only sold in conventions... Since, I live too far away from any kind of convention, and can't afford to travel to at least one of them(I live several states away from every one of them), there's no way for me to get one of the convention-only items. D; Makes me want to cry... ;~; *sniff* - Soldjermon
  13. Um... Well, depends on what kind of comic. Besides, I'm more into drawing single pictures than making comics; though I have done that before and they're a B@*%& to make. XP ------------ Oh! This is a good time to start streaming! I warn you, conversations can go very NSFW at times... So, if you don't want to hear any of that, don't be afraid to mute the stream! (Finished the pics! :3 Seems my tablet is working fine now; so I'm done streaming for the time being.) Just to point out, there is no official mobile app for Picarto.TV... D: Sorry to the people who use mobile! Hope you'll enjoy watching if you like! ^w^ - Soldjermon
  14. Well, teaching isn't my forté, but this is what I know. Practice drawing a lot, it doesn't have-to be professional; doodles are fine too Learn from references(there's tons on the interwebs, search for them) Don't be afraid to trace if needed Don't give up on drawing Though, if you do plan on tracing over another existing picture, at least credit the person who did the original art piece. All of my art pieces you see here are done on Adobe Photoshop. o3o Even though I do have 13 years of experience with Adobe Photoshop under my belt, I am still learning on some of the tools from the program. >3>; Before I got my drawing tablet, I've been heavily dependant on the pen tool from Photoshop to make the smooth outlines to imitate the tablet lines... But it only got me so far, since I only had the mouse at the time, and sometimes have that double-click while single-click problem... XP ugh.... ------------------- I've been pondering for a little while if I'm allowed to post few of my art pieces that have unofficial stories relating with the BBT/CC characters. So for now, the OP has been updated with few more art pieces. Also, I'll be streaming real soon! Because I do art streams on picarto. :3 I'll post a link to the picarto stream channel in this post when I'm streaming, if there isn't anymore replies after this one. Hope you enjoy! - Soldjermon
  15. I have one for you guys. :3 How about the Alien head? I know that I added the raygun just for the lulz, but why not? X3 Oh well! - Soldjermon