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  1. Wait, your 28 XD ? Wow your pretty big! Well its not easy being the small animator around here XD because RESPECT

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    2. Soldjermon


      But anyway, glad you say that. :3 Animation is a very difficult skill to master; but heck, you're getting there! ^w^ Don't give up on it!

      - Soldjermon

    3. Cyrus the Animator

      Cyrus the Animator

      I wouldent say ive not mastered some of it, i am a animator after all, ive made a lot of progress so far... Anywho Thanks for the kind reply! I see your art aint bad! im guessing you use a graphic tab like me, Anywho bai!

    4. Cyrus the Animator

      Cyrus the Animator

      well about the popular thing, Im not really populor im only popular With some of the guys like Jonah and Impossiblank, And gholden ghost the admin, And to be honest.. Your pretty big through my eyes XD