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  1. I have every single head except for those two and I will pay anything except for heads for those two. GT: Atropurpureum
  2. I have all of them except for fur bottom and I am willing to spend 500. Gems for Furbottom. GT: Atropurpureum
  3. I traded the Apple head for either the toothbrush or the buckle your pants which one of them were a good idea or was keeping the Bobbins head better?
  4. I'll also do 10000-20000 gems for all or most of your star heads
  5. I'll buy some star heads from you or all of them Rainbow
  6. GT: Atropurpureum I need as much as you got ill even pay for some of them
  7. Rainbow can we trade? I'll give you mt GT
  8. I'm also buying star heads. 50,000 gems for all star heads or everything you got.