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  1. I found myself a headcannon. Anyway, issuing headcannon in 3...2...1...
  2. Chapter VIII: Blood, Fur and Claws The boat docked up at the edge of the other side of the river early the next day. The clouds were greyer than the guards, and, unfortunately, carried the sense of electricity. Lust was still furious about Cerise's little incident last night, and thinking about an encounter with his biggest bane frustrated him still. The King prepared his other troops, while the Castle Crashers were assigned to scout and clear the road up ahead. "Edge of bear territory, careful," Mauve's voice warned. Well, he just couldn't shut up. Cerise chipped in. "They're the Tribe of the Bloody Bears. Or just the BloodClaws. They're reeeally good at taming wild beasts and orbs, so I kinda admire them. They're also very territorial…" Flame gave a cheer. "So, we're crashing a whole team of monsters today? Awesome!" Those three could form a separate group. Now back to the battle tactics. Lust breathed out and did a few quick trial-and-errors in his head. "We could go all out for this." "Who?" "You, Blue, Slate, and me. Cerise can come if he wants." "Whaat?!" Flame protested. "What about me? I was out for long enough!" "Rain is heavy in the air. And your second strength is defense, so that's not very useful." "Sometimes defense is needed a lot!" Harlequin interrupted with a cough. "I think we should all come. We don't know what we're up against." "What about the as-little-people-as-possible rule?" "Not for today." Blue gave a nudge, and sprinted off. Without further argument, Lust and the others followed. The camp for the bears was marked by flags of -obviously- bloody bear paws. The camp itself was relatively empty and strung up with a few tents. Four seemingly dead bears flopped around a pathetic campfire in the middle, eyes wide open. "Do not," Harlequin hissed under his breath. "I repeat, do not make a sound. Walk around slowly." The irony was that three bears immediately rolled over and sprang up, weapons in hand. The fourth rolled back to sleep. "What did you just say, Harl?" "Plan B!" Lust grinned under his helmet, springing forward with a blast of electricity. Not soon, the four bears were not just playing dead. Looking around, it did not take long to realise that only Blue and Flame had got into the fight as well. Cerise had crawled over to a small hole in a rock with a signpost beside it and trying to coax something out. "Castle Crashers? Let's get on with it." In the grassy fields across the camp, they were attacked by yet another squad of bears who squabbled furiously, throwing snowballs, batting and biting whenever they can, animal orbs flying around and assisting. The air seemed to be getting heavier by the second, and even a moron could figure out that the weather was not going to turn out great. The promising arrival of a thunderstorm did not help. It did not take long to clear out all the bears, but it did leave him a few bites wounds and scratches here and there. There was a bear sitting on a flat edge of stone as they advanced forwards, but something was a little different this time. The posture, the piercing eyes, the flag on his back; upon seeing Lust and the others, he narrowed his beady eyes, jumped down and started prancing. Lust gave a half-laugh at the silly movements, but it choked in his throat as a fat drop of rain fell onto his armour with a clink. It was raining. There was a rumble as a bolt of lightning streaked through the sky. Lust could feel his magic starting to go haywire, but he gritted his teeth and directed it towards the responsible bear. There was a fizzle as a small white shape blocked the energy off, joining the opponent with a fierce bleat. A few other bears, seeing the commotion, hopped into a circle around them. For a moment, the two teams stood glaring at each other. Then without warning, Slate rushed forwards, breaking the tension into a hands-on fight. Lust quickly got used to the overpowering electricity he gained, using it to his advantage, shocking the less significant bears. He turned around just as his practice foil clashed with the flag bear's club. "Leader of the Bears," Mauve informed. "Uses tornado magic- try arrows against him. Oh, and watch out for…" Lust was knocked over with a sharp pain as the goat animal orb burrowed straight into him. Free to go again, the leader dodged a shard of ice and swirled into a tornado. Lust quickly jumped up again in full battle condition, electrifying as many bears as he can and throwing a bolt at the tornado that was about to demolish Flame. "Attack the leader!" he yelled. "The others would leave without him!" "Dodge Rammy," Cerise added. "His ramming only goes a certain distance." Lust rolled his eyes and immediately set to work on archery with Blue. Flame was going nowhere with fire in the rain and set to defending and distracting instead. The others ran around fighting off other bears while Harlequin attempted close combat. Dodge-strike-dodge-dodge-hit-strike-shield-strike… It was rather intense, especially when the placement of arrows needed concentration. So when the lightning struck him again, it was so sudden that, like the first time, he did not have time to dodge. A metallic smell tickled his nose; his hair stood up on end. Blue stepped back, dull eyes wide. Before Lust could spare some attention to put two and two together, his vision whitened out. Time seemed to slow down. Unlike the first time, this time there was no searing pain, no slow-fade to black. In fact, there was nothing but frustration, exasperation and a power overload. Just a strong electric discharge that left with his next arrow and hit, bulls-eye, into the bear's bloody brand. The whole process was so quick that nobody reacted until the bear slumped to the ground; Rammy bleated as Harlequin finished the opponent by slicing the head clean off. "Look at that improvement!" Flame and Slate chorused, then immediately snapped around to face each other. "JINX!" Lust smiled triumphantly under his helmet in spite of how the team members were not being serious. "Yep, definitely getting better at controlling now. Now we advance forwards." A clap of thunder shook the earth, as if agreeing. "Wait!" Cerise picked up Rammy and handed him over to Harlequin. "Try this little pal instead of Seahorse. He's tough and tenant, just like you!" Harlequin gave a nod of acknowledgement before calling out "The leader is dead but the hornet's nest has been kicked! Keep your defenses up!" Almost on cue, two bulky bears whirled in with several smaller ones. "What on earth did you say that for?!" Lust shut the noise off, aiming bolts of lightning at every foe in sight. It did not take very long for the scuffle to literally die off, but the tall grass field seemed exceptionally squidgy, and it took forever to reach and clamber onto a tufty hill ledge tussled by the biting rain which, according to Mauve, leads to a bat cave… …Coming face to face with the thieves carrying the remaining two princesses. Both damsels gasped in relief as they saw the knights. Lust sprang forwards, ready to electrify the thieves, but suddenly rebounded as a dull pain smashed into his side. He dimly saw the dagger boomerang back to a lumbering shape wearing a thick cloak, stomping out of the dark mouth of a cave, followed by a tall, cloaked icy figure with red eyes. The tall figure narrowed his eyes. A creeping cold, not unlike Blue's usual tricks, seeped into Lust's ankles. The two snatched up the unbound princesses— "NO! Min! Carol!" Cerise yelped. Harlequin burst free of his ice shackles, but Lust knew was too late. The one-eyed giant plunged back into the cave while the tall figure, jeering, disappeared into thin air with a puff of icy dust.
  3. Hello! You're that awesome person on DeviantArt, right? Pleased to meet you! Love that drawing of the Necromacer!
  4. Portal franchise running by (scribbled by Rattman )
  5. Without the quotation marks; type ["spoiler"] before the text you want to spoiler, and ["/spoiler"] afterwards. Thanks
  6. Just a more casual chapter. A few foreshadows. How do you do the spoiler thing?
  7. Chapter VII: Night Watch The last rays of twilight were starting to shrivel away when the King finally ordered the ship to be tied to the banks. Mauve, through an unexplainable GPS system, led them to an abandoned thieves' camp in the undergrowth nearby. Harlequin thought back with a shudder to the troll chase and volunteered to take the night watch before it was mentioned. "Really?" Flame gave a cheeky smile as soon as he lit the campfire with Dragonhead. "If the leader falls asleep, we'll have to choose a new one." Lust gave a sigh that summed up Harlequin's mood. "Obviously it's a night shift. I'll take the second half." That being agreed upon, everyone who weren't knocking down or pitching tents sat around the fire and skewered food from the King's pack of supplies. Cerise had commanded Owly to search for fruit, so there was plenty of seconds around. Speaking of animal orbs, Seahorse really saved Harlequin's skin this time around. "Camp tale?" Rats, he should have known that someone in particular would ask that. One grey knight laughed. "Oh, I know a few good ones. There was this statue of a prince…" Prince. How he hated that word. For half his life, it was all labour and darkness. And it was all the Prince's fault. Harlequin zoned out for the talks, debating on what they could do for the next day. Surely it had to be the bears…they couldn't all go forward at once; maybe the four-scouter plan would still be useful in this situation. Lust was perfect for creating battle plans on the spot. Even though it was hard to admit, Cerise was good with animals and making friends. Himself, of course. That leaves Blue and Flame. Harlequin was tempted to take Blue again, but Flame has been left out for long enough… "Hey Harlequin, why are you called Harlequin?" The question snapped him back to attention. All faces were looking at his way expectedly. "Why would you ask that, Slate?" "Well, a harlequin is a jester; am I right?" "Wow, your name is 'jester'?" Flame interrupted triumphantly. A round of laughter erupted from the knights. "All hail the jester!" Harlequin usually avoided Flame's magic, but this time around it seemed like he could not dodge the burn to the face. "It's also a shade of green and a cobra, okay?" he tried in vain to glare at Slate, Flame and the King. Why did he get the old man to rename him in the first place? Blue saved his face by pointing an ice arrow at the sky. "Right, the moon's been up for a long time now." Lust translated, catching Harlequin's eye. "Time to recharge for tomorrow." On cue, the crowd of helmets dissolved, leaving Harlequin alone with the stars. Since his magic was still recovering, he had a few days to actually act like a proper and normal leader, thinking and reflecting. He always made sure that he was the role model for all the other knights, so there were no surprises when he replaced Lust as the captain of the guards. That glare received was Harlequin's first introduction to him. A few weeks later, Lust was struck by lightning. A rustle snapped Harlequin back to attention, but it was only the little Troll orb scuffling around in the dirt. Drifting off now, are we? He scolded mentally. There was nothing to beware of though… just Owly hooting, Troll wandering, a few crickets chirping, and the flow of the river. Someone talking. Immediately alert again, he sprinted to the source of the unnatural noise. It was too faint to decipher the words; too faint to even distinguish who was talking, but as he stepped right outside one of the more airtight tents, the talking ultimately stopped. "Show yourself." No answer. He gently zipped open the tent with his sword ready, a cloud of ice immediately blooming through the gap. Blue was a frozen statue in the middle of the sealed space, still wearing full armour. For a moment, there seemed to be a flicker in the shadows, a shine of red, but looking carefully there was absolutely nothing. Harlequin knew the way all his teammates slept, and especially how Blue usually just froze himself up. However, logic says that nobody could talk while frozen, much less someone mute. He shook his head, zipped up the tent again and turned around, seeing a dark-haired teenager nearby. Who flickered and vanished. As he was going to yell the warning, a nearby tent sizzled and lit up brightly. He burst in, just in time to witness Lust's rage. "What the heck are you doing in here, gay?!" The still-sizzling victim blinked, bright yellow eyes suddenly wide open. "I'm sorry Lust! I'm really, really sorry…I …I had a lot of stress…and I tend to sleepwalk when stressed…" "WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE MY TENT THEN!?" "I…I…" "That's enough, you two," Harlequin interrupted in an urgent whisper. "You're going to wake everyone! Cerise, get back to your tent. Lust, it's time for your watch anyway." As the knight of love trudged away, Harlequin muttered to Lust. "He knows shadow transport. That's how he unintentionally got in." Lust stared back in alarm. "You're kidding me! Only…" "We'll discuss this later. Go and take the watch." As Harlequin stared blankly at the ceiling of his tent, the self-discussion started up again. Maybe he shouldn't bring Cerise after all. His eyes skimmed over a small brand on the cloth: inDustral. Inc He gave an ironic laugh. Sometimes nothing could escape the past.
  8. Hahaha...buckle them. Great job
  9. Last bit is the background and effects! 1. Under all other layers, create a background layer. I tend to reuse the draft layer. (The characters mean 'Layer name' and 'OK') 2. Grab the bucket and put in the base colour. Since this is Alien Hominid, I'm going with the signature green. 3. New luminosity layer on top. Zap! 4. A blur. 5. Shadows are created on another new layer with blurring only near the top to give a cooler effect. 6. With a 'clipping group' layer over the lineart, I could scribble the part of lineart I want in a lighter colour. 7. Yet another blur. 8. And now to admire the trio's cuteness. 9. This effect is created with straight lines in a pen layer, a magic wand selection and a rubbing out of unnecessary yellow. The pen layer is deleted after. 10. A signature to top it off. I'm not revealing my secret recipe; figure out your own! And now you may export it as a jpg. or png. picture. Open up and enjoy!
  10. I would say that the Castle Crashers accidentally freed the final BOSS of Alien Hominid as well as Install Ball along their quest, then after BattleBlock Theatre Hatty shot the alien ship coming to investigate Earth. It would take a while for Hatty's light to reach the bear, so Alien Hominid must have happened during that time.
  11. I love it. I just finished reading his chapter in your fanfiction. It seems fitting for the orange knight to be so hot-headed. I always think up scenes in my head for characters (most recently my 'knights'), but I'm not great at writing those scenes out as a coherent story. You, on the other hand, have been doing a great job working on Odyssey. I look forward to seeing more. Thanks