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  1. Paper airplane blocks the Raccoon: If you throw a paper airplane at the racoon and let it crumple up, it will block the racoon. The racoon will not be able to get past the crumpled up piece of paper as long as you don't make it explode. You can use this technique to safely move around the racoon without worrying about it chasing after you.
  2. I've been playing some Battle Block theater lately and I picked up some useful tricks and techniques to get past some obstacles. On fire trick: Some of you may know that when you are set on fire and jump into any body of water, the water puts out the fire and propels you high into the air just like jumping on a lava block. But in addition to that, if you set yourself on fire, you can also walk over spikes without dying too. Invincibility: If you are in a boat and get killed by spikes while in the boat, it makes you invincible. It seems like you have to be in the boat while you get spiked for this trick to work. The fan: This is probably one of the most useful weapons in the game. By using the fan, you can send enemies, teammates, grenades, exploding discs, bubbles, and even fire, etc. back in the opposite direction.
  3. Thanks for the tip! I was in the wrong section. I had to go into the Arena section like you stated. Much appreciated!
  4. I tried finding your Arcadia playlist and it never shows up when I search for it on XBLA. I go to: Community -> Search for playlist -> type in your name (meltedcow) -> type in playlist name (arcadia) and it never finds anything. Is it a case-sensitive search? I cannot find any playlist by (meltedcow).
  5. So what? Why shouldn't everyone have access to all of the heads? Why should only a few people have access to some heads while not others? What's the point of maintaining an in-game economy? The only reason I can possibly think of is: greed and selfishness.
  6. Let's be honest. Battle Block Theater never really had a cohesive storyline and the one they finally did create, they just slapped together at the last minute after they made the game. There is no clever clandestine underlying theme, nor any logic to the overall plot. The producers of the game just threw in a bunch of half-hearted attempts at mediocre comedy to come up with a random storyline full of irrelevant disparate ideas. Then they amalgamated those ideas into a single story at the last minute. You can tell because their earlier previews had a completely different storyline. Hence, they had to scramble at the last minute to piece together a storyline that fit the overall mood and feel of the game. So to try and decipher the deeper meaning of a storyline that's just a random collection of gags and irrelevant jokes is like trying to decipher the deeper meaning of a 3-year old's finger painting. You're not going to find any real meaning. However, there is the possibility you will find what YOU expect to find if you look close enough - sort of like a Rorschach inkblot. But nothing more.
  7. Favorite prisoners: - Charles Manson - because of his hilarious swastika tattoo on his forehead - John Wayne Gacy- because of his hilarious clown paintings - Jeffrey Dahm... oh, you mean Battle Block theater prisoners... um, uh, yeah... I knew that. I like that prisoner with the block head, that one with the circle head, and that other one with the star head...
  8. I met a battleblock player yesterday or something that sounded like he was 4. Why oh why did they HAVE to make battleblock free?P.S. I'm up so early because I go on a 3 day vacation today. I think I will be able to catch up with the hotel wifi, though. Well it couldn't have been me. I'm only 3 1/2. Also as a noob, I admit I gave bad ratings to hard levels and good ratings to easy levels. I don't like hard stuff anymore. It causes too much stress and not enough enjoyment. However, I did finish BBT on insane in both solo, co-op and encore modes. Some user created level designs are not well thought out either. For example, I've played one stage where you have to find the gems first before you head to the exit area. If you miss any gems before you reach the exit area, you have to start over since it's impossible to back-track and find all the gems. Another stage had a giant raccoon chase you all the way back to the beginning of the level. Once he gets you back there, you can't escape unless you start over. These are things that people try to add to make it more difficult. But all it does is it adds frustration to the game when you have no choice but to start over. IMO, BBT going free with gold was a great idea. I would never have tried this game if it wasn't free. It was a surprisingly fun and challenging game to play.
  9. I am proud to be ranked number 3,870,563. It took a lot of time and effort to turn on my Xbox, start up the game and not play it. I'm also proud to have a total of 1 default star head that came with the game.
  10. People just look up who's on the leaderboards and they try to be their friend. I'm assuming vpustote is at the top of the leaderboards or something.
  11. What's funny is that I bet none of those 1044 message/people even visit this board. Hence, they probably won't even see your post.
  12. What part of that level is giving you trouble? The trick to the 2nd level is to use single hops over most of the platforms. Double hops tend to leave you more vulnerable to getting hit. Use double hops only to avoid the cannon shots at the last second. By the time you get to the left most part of the 2nd level, use the slide to go underneath the first exploding block and then hop on it. That should get you up to the third level. The third level is pretty easy compared to the first 2 levels. Just take your time. It took me a day and half to really get the timing down perfectly though. I also don't think playing it on insane is going to make it harder. Insane simply doesn't allow you to restart from checkpoints and since the last encore has no checkpoints anyway, it doesn't really matter.
  13. Xbox Live Gamertag: fredflintstoned Head Wanted: lava lamp Method of Payment: gems Time Zone & Suggested Time for Trade: PST 7:15 PM today - Wednesday, August 6, 2014 Thank youi!!
  14. It's probably going to be a 2D racer like Rad Racer on the original Nintendo with similar graphics. Just replace the cars with that spider-lady-horse-cupcake-thingy. Rad Racer:
  15. Here are some of my observations I've made after playing co-op campaign of BBT on XBLA: I'm almost done getting all of my achievements on the XBLA version of this game. The last achievement I need is to get a letter grade for all the levels on co-op campaign on insane. I'm on the final boss stage of level 8 and I hope to have that done later this week. One of the biggest problems I've had with playing co-op campaign is just finding someone playing on insane with a good connection. There's not a whole lot of people playinig co-op campaign on insane for some reason. Out of those who are playing insane co-op, 90% don't have mics. Out of the 10% who do have mics, most of them are 7 years old or younger. I have no problems playing this game with younger players but this game does require a certain level of discipline, skill, patience, communication and forethought to complete - which many younger players seem to lack. No offense to our younger players who may be reading this who do have those qualities. I was frustrated trying to find good players who have a mic to play co-op campaign on insane. So what did I do? I just plugged in a second controller on my Xbox and played co-op campaign on insane by myself. I've gotten to the last boss level on stage 8 this way. The only stage that absolutely requires you to have a second player is 8-4 where you have to drop down a narrow passage by pushing red buttons for your partner while hanging on to the monkey bars to avoiid the lasers. But other than that stage, you can pretty much leave the 2nd player just sitting there at the start of each level. You may occasionally need to pick up the 2nd controller and have him stand on top of a button or something. But otherwise, you can do most of this yourself. Since both players do not need to reach the exit in order to complete a level, this works out well. Here are some things that really helped me get past most levels that normally would require a 2nd player to help out. Weapons/equipment that really helped: - Using the poison bubble to jump on top of to get past large gaps or reach a higher platform. - Using the nerf dart to stick to walls to jump to higher levels or platforms. - Using the frog to jump on top of to cross large water or spike gaps. - Using the exploding paper airplane to kill enemies far away. - Using the grenade to kill enemies in lower places. Sometimes, there are occasions that require one player to judo throw (hold down RT - right trigger) to get one player across a chasm where a poison bubble or nerf darts simply don't work. In that case, I simply placed my controller against the wall with my feet so that the RT trigger button is held down. Then I used the first controller like normal to walk into that player so that he would judo throw me automatically to where I wanted to go. On one level on stage 8 (I think it was 8-6 or 8-7), there was a tricky situation where one player has to hold down a red button to allow the 2nd player to make a wall disappear. The 2nd player then needs to bounce off a lava block to get past that area. But the first player has to get off the red button immediately after the 2nd player bounces off the lava block so that another wall appears right before the user hits a wall of spikes. The 2nd player will hit the wall and they have to double jump up to get to safety, otherwise, they'll fall into another set of spikes down below. This was a bit trick to do myself but the way I did it was I placed both players right at the end of each block. I put player 1 on top of the red button but right at the edge so that any movement to the right would cause him to fall of the button. Then I placed the 2nd player right next to the lava block so the any movement to the left would cause him to bounce off it. I actually used my foot to tap the first controller to cause the first player to fall off the button at the same time I tapped the 2nd controller (which I held in my hand) to bounce off the lava wall. Then I could easily double jump up to the wall to safety immediately after that. Generally speaking, if you are playing with another player, it seems easier to just let one player play through the game while the other one waits at a safe location. There's less risk of death and less accidents this way. You won't have 2 players inadvertently bumping into each other to cause an untimely death. I thought I would share these tips with people who couldn't find any good players to play co-op campaign with.